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Greetings lovelies,

I’m going to keep this as short as possible as I became ill yesterday while doing taxes for my sons.  LOL!  I know what you’re thinking, doing taxes made me sick!!!  ROFL!  Well, actually, not!  I believe I picked something up from my oldest son who camped out with us for four days and the night before last while sitting here working, I was feeling funky and mentioned a few times to him that I’d better not be getting what he has!  HA!  He assured me it was nothing more than a cough, which may be the case, however, he could have been the carrier of something more.  I feel awful and have been in bed sleeping most of the day.  I very rarely every get sick and last year I actually had contracted the flu for the first time in two decades or better, so not too shabby, eh?

My only concern at the moment is that my vitamin D levels are VERY deficient.  I’ve been using Sunshine Mist, available on Dr. Mercola’s site, for three weeks now and am not knowing if that is long enough to bring my levels back up to a normal range.  I tweeted him and asked when I should go back in to be retested and will check to see if he answered tomorrow as my head and eyes are too achy to sit here for long.  Imagine that? *wink*

Vitamin D is a HOT topic amongst the medical profession today and Dr. Mercola has some incredible videos on his site, as well as a plethora of other information for the day and age we are living in.  It was in frequenting his site that I learned of the epidemic of low vitamin D levels today, which prompted me to ask for my levels to be checked when I went in for my annual blood workup a couple of months ago.  My reading was 20, which is on the borderline of being severely deficient.  UGH!  Dr. Mercola does a very thorough job of explaining “why” we are in such an epidemic of low vitamin D levels and what we can do to keep our levels in a normal and safe range (It is not safe to bump your levels up too high either).  I encourage all of you to take a peek at Dr. Mercola’s findings.

I have hyperlinked his name directly to the main page of his site.  Here is the link to several of his links to various articles on VITAMIN D.  LOL!  I went to his site to get the link and started reading about stress!  You can spend an entire day reading his articles!



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SO ~ INKIN ~ CUTE!  Congratulations Ms. Candi!

The winner was chosen from  a hat by my son, John, who had just showered and hit the hay for work tomorrow!  I asked him to do me the honor as Robert had already been asleep for some time and John had just turned off his light!  The draw was completed in the dark, no less!  So much so, that he could not read the name on the folded piece of paper.  LOL!  Or, perhaps it was my handwriting that was not legible, eh?  *big grin*

No one actually guessed the “portion thereof”, so the draw was from those who guessed my flair logo and my “about me” image.  As you can see, the above banner is taken straight from the side of the image with the camera to my eye.

However, y’all have given some COOL ideas and I may just change things up a bit as I go, but for now, this is “simple” and VERY neutral and the Bon Scrapatit font will still be familiar to y’all, I hope!

Thank you to ALL of you who posted your guess.  It was SO much fun reading your comments!

Candi love, please email me: bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com with the name of the store you wish to use your $5.00 gift certificate at, along with your full registered name, and I will have it to you tomorrow if I’m feeling better and if not, then on Monday.  Congratulations once again girlie!

I apologize for the delay in getting the journaling strips to you, however, I’ve not been able to work on them since falling ill.  I will try my hardest to get them posted no later than Monday.

Hope everyone is having a LOVELY weekend.  It’s been pouring rain here, so it’s a VERY good time to spend a lot of time in bed sleeping so that I get better quickly!  LOL!

Keep on scrappin’ …

Love and hugs,

Linda :D

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