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Evening everyone! 
The day has slipped away from me as I’ve been trying to figure out why my RAM-ometer (LOL! This sweet little widget on my desktop) is hovering in the RED while I work in Photoshop!  I’ve not really noticed it before and I’ve cleaned out files, returned PS to it’s default settings and I’m still struggling to keep from entering the DANGER zone!  ROFL!   Photoshop is open with nothing going on in it and I’m sitting at 68%.  Perhaps Mozy preparing for a backup contributes to this, but I am not sure about that.  I’ve been moving files around quite a bit lately so it seems that Mozy is always preparing for a backup!  No complaints as I sleep VERY peacefully at night knowing that my files are safe! I think, perhaps, a little Googling is in order though to get a clue on the high stats on my RAM! *wink*
I have enjoyed reading your comments from yesterday’s post and your guesses as to what image, or portion thereof, I am using for my new blog header!  I have to chuckle as I think I’ve done this backwards and I should have asked y’all what I SHOULD use because I am REALLY liking some of your ideas! I’m just sayin’!  :D
My girlie, Ms. Dawn is back in action over at Snowsmoon’s Designs after her computer crashed last week (I talked her into Mozy sometime ago and she is good as new y’all!).  Dawn is now up and running and back to her WONDERFUL Project 52 Weeks of 2010 (a nice alternative to the many Project 365’s for those of us that are challenged with daily photo taking and/or scrapping!), as well as providing some goodies via a Hide and See over at Hummie’s World.  When you click on Project 52 Weeks of 2010, make sure to put your shades on because the sun is SHINING in Scrapland tonight!  WOO HOO!  And don’t forget to check out Snowsmoon’s Designs for her other FABULOUS happenings!  If you scroll down a ways, you will even find a LOVELY scrapatit Dawn created using my *Floralessence* scrapkit from last month!  We are also working on our *Days Gone By* challenge for February, so stay-tuned for that too!  Love ya girlie and I’m SO happy that you are back!  MWAH!
This evening’s download consists of two links for Part One of *Heartfully Yours* embellishments!  There are a few items that are large in file size, so I’ve broken the embellishments up into four files to keep them all below 30 MB.  I will post the final two tomorrow, followed by the journaling strips on Thursday!  Now, you just KNOW that my week is going to fly by, right?  Uh, huh!  Keep me busy and time soars! 
For those who might be here for the first time since my posting of *Heartfully Yours*, I am giving y’all an opportunity to win a $5.00 gift certificate to the digital scrapbooking store of YOUR choice (just make sure that they offer gift certificates) for guessing which image, OR portion thereof, that I will be using for my new blog header coming soon!  To leave your guess, please comment below the post HERE!  Deadline is Friday, February 5th at 11:59 PST.  Winner to be announced here on my blog on Saturday.  Good luck everyone!
Until tomorrow …
Linda :D
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