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>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

To defy my doctor and my discomfort so that I might be in attendance as my oldest daughter, April, walks down the aisle in just a little over an hour from now! Oh, if only …

Last I checked in with y’all, I had thought myself to be on the mend, however, my health worsened and because I had a wedding to prepare for, I slept nearly the entire weekend.  I was awakened at 2:30 pm on Sunday by daughter number two, Joan, as she was making arrangements for Robert, the boys and I, as well as the bride-to-be, to stay with her and Travis pre-wedding.

Monday and Tuesday I struggled to scan photos to send to April and her MIL-to-be (a REAL sweetheart), however, two scanners later and my body in full-blown pain, the photos were no good and I was getting scared as to why I might have been in SO much pain … pain that would not let up for a moment.

Robert was ready to take me to the hospital anytime I was ready to give it up.  I was hoping to ride it out, but it was obvious that after eight hours of this pain that was off the chart and only getting worse, that something was definitely wrong.

As some of you know, I have tried hard to hang onto my gallbladder for about two years now.  I had never had an attack like this before and between both Robert and I searching the Internet, we both concluded it was, indeed, my gallbladder.

I was in the ER from a little after 1:00 am until nearly 7:00 am, when they admitted me and the doctor told me it would be the following morning before they could get me into surgery.  I think I’d barely moved myself from the gurney to the hospital bed when I was informed there had been a cancellation and that they were taking me right then and there!  Of course, “I” am thinking, “oh goody, I can get out of here earlier and be on the road to Washington!”  LOL!  Yah, you know me and my determination!

Long story short, the doctor said that if this was elective surgery, no problem.  However, I not only had emergency gallbladder surgery performed, my gallbladder was also badly infected and that it would be in my best interest NOT to leave town.  I have to admit, I couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to!

So, one hour from now, my baby girl exchanges vows with the love of her life and she is hoping to hook me up via Skype.  If that does not work out, the boys will call me via cell phone so that I can listen as April and Ethan exchange vows.   My oldest son is video taping the entire ceremony so that I can watch when they return.  Photos will be shared and I will still be able to create a photo book for the new couple!

See you all as soon as I am able.  Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone and I thank those of you who have stopped by to see how I am doing!  Love you oodles!


Linda :D

UPDATE:  Thank you SO much everyone!  Y’all are just the sweetest!  My boys hooked me up via Skype, however, the room was too dark so they shut off the video stream and I was able to listen to the entire ceremony!  My oldest son, Matt, was also able to videotape the ceremony so I will get to see that when the boys all return home!  WOO HOO!  And, YES, is not our technology today simply amazing!  Hope to have a few photos to share with y’all soon!  MWAH!

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