update on me and the saints did come marching in!

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hi y’all!

Just dropping in to let you know that I’ve been in bed since I last chatted with you and am up for the first time today (well, okay, aside from getting up to visit the restroom or fix myself a cup of tea, grab a glass of water, etc.!  LOL!).

I hope to find myself able to sit here at the computer tomorrow, so that I can finish up your goodies for *Heartfully Yours* and I do SO apologize for the delay.  I’m sure those of you that are 50+ can attest that our bodies don’t always recover as quickly as we would like them to and this is, surely, taking longer than I thought it would.  However, considering the widespread incidence of flu and such, I suppose that I am actually doing VERY well, all things considered! 

Thank you for the well-wishes and I can’t tell you HOW frustrating it was that I could not get on here to SHOUT my excitement as the New Orleans Saints came marching in to WIN Superbowl XXXIII! I am SO happy for the state of Louisiana in all that they’ve had to overcome since Katrina and this win should help them in SO many ways!  

I hope to see y’all back here before week’s end.  May the rest of your week be just as LOVELY as y’all are!  MWAH!

Much love,

Linda :D

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