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Hi y’all!
How is everyone mid-week?  Time to climb on over the “hump” into the final stretch of this week, eh?!  WOO HOO!  And how do y’all spell weekend?  Okay, besides the obvious! *big grin*  What is your favorite thing, aside from scrapping, that you enjoy doing either on the weekend, your day(s) or your partner’s day(s) off?
I have actually been watching some of the playoff games with Robert as I do like to spend time with him and he enjoys it!  I have to laugh though, as I was REALLY into the playoff game between the Louisiana Saints and the Minnesota Vikings!  Games such as that one are easy for me to watch because there is a lot of “game” going on!  LOL! 
I truly believe the only reason I have any interest in football whatsoever, aside from having raised four boys, is my playing girl’s flag football in my sophomore year of high school.  Uhm, you know, so I actually have some understanding of what is happening on the field!  LOL! 
Before I post this evening’s links, if you rely on my feed being delivered to your inbox via Feed Burner, please make sure to scroll all the way down as I was too late in posting last night for it to be burned and sent to y’all.  Hopefully, I get this posted and am not sounding like a CRAZY woman!  ROFL!  HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Also, I neglected to mention with yesterday’s post that I included a “Tips and Tricks” file for those that may be fairly new to digital scrapbooking and also so that everyone is privy to the fact that both the heart scatters and the glitter scatters were created on the same canvas and are the same size so that you can merge them together if you wish to do so.  I have explained how to do so in the “Tips and Tricks” file.  If you have any questions, just hollar! 
This evening, you will find two more links for Embellishments-3 and Embellishments-4.  Tomorrow night, I will post the journaling strips!
Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!
Love and hugs,
Linda :D

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