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I surely hope to find that EVERYONE had a NICE Mother's Day!!! I originally started this post 24 hours or so ago and as you read a little further, you will find out why there was a "snag" in my posting time!!! Such is the life, eh??? LOL!

I spent a good portion of my Mother's Day on the phone with my mom, sister, daughters, one of my sons (Kaleb's daddy) and I sent out e-cards to our new mommy's celebrating their VERY first Mother's Day as well as to family and friends!!! Oh, but MOST of my time has been spent helping my Mother's Day present from Kaleb's daddy to adjust to his new home! YUP, we have a new kitty!!! (He is sleeping on my lap as I type!)

Do ya reckon it's kosher to "re-gift" a kitten??? ROFL! Just kidding - he's my baby!!! He and Robert bonded immediately and Robert has named him, Zeke. Of course, li'l Zeke is experiencing the customary separation anxiety from his mother and siblings - poor babe! Needless to say, I've not had much time for anything else but to watch after him while he is awake (he likes to be near one or the other of us and since Robert is gone to work all day, you know who gets to kitty-sit!), carrying him to his food and water and placing him in his litter box!!!

I LOVE my furbabies, but wasn't really looking forward to the family growing anymore as we just recently had a dog adopt us (don't have the heart to have animal control pick her up). We've named her Emma and believe her to be part border collie and possibly black lab. She is a sweetheart and very smart BUT, she has scared our cats away and we lost our Snickers aka "homegirl". I thought we had lost Boo-Boo as well (she is MY baby!), but Robert found her down in our barn five days later roosting atop a shelf. She is now being kept inside as we are surrounded by coyotes and I really don't wish to lose her too.

Zeke will remain an indoor cat - two is cool, just NO more please!!! I am posting a photo of him so you can see just how cute he is!!! Blond hair and blue eyes! Gee, aren't I sounding like a PROUD new mama!!! He, he ...

My follow-up appointment with my PA on Friday was canceled and rescheduled for this coming Wednesday. My first colonsocopy consultation is tomorrow afternoon - OH JOY! I will keep y'all posted as we review the findings.

I will share with you about my thyroid as the receptionist did mention that it was TOO low (my TSH level) and that Stephanie wishes to lower my dosage. Well, the fact of the matter is, I feel better than I have in years and my thyroid is now doing what it should be. My eyelids no longer droop, my hair is regaining some luster, it is thickening up, I have some pep in me and I've dropped a bit of weight as one should be able to!!! So what do you think I am going to do when I visit Stephanie on Wednesday??? I'm going to beg and plead that she PLEASE consider my treatment based on the "how I feel" and not on numbers that cannot possibly be correct for EVERY body.

I will ask Stephanie if she will keep me where I'm at and retest me in another 4-6 weeks. If I've dropped any lower, then I will agree to lower my dosage. If I've remained the same then I wish to stay with the higher dosage. Make sense? OH YEAH!!!

Now, if we can just pinpoint the cause of my "horrific, stops me dead in my tracks" stomach pains, I will shall be SO happy!!!

I hope you enjoy the little gift I have for you - *Those Were The Daisies*. I had fun playing with filters and a few overlays and have strayed away a bit from my norm. I enjoy experimenting, but I must admit, my MOJO has not been MOJOIN' since NSD!!! And this, too, shall pass!!!

SWEET DREAMS and have an AWESOME week ahead y'all!!! Thank you SO much for ALL of the LOVELY comments on *Summer Rocks*!!! I shall see if I can come up with something to add to it since y'all are ready for the HOT weather!!!


P.S. Password is: OldDays

Our SWEET little Zeke!!! He is watching me type this!


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