>> Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hi y'all from, "it's trying to get sunny here", California!!!

As I've mentioned on a few posts prior, we are going to take a BRIEF vacation from our leisurely strolls through the park on Saturday and EVERY other day of the week (LOL!), to CELEBRATE "National Scrapbooking Day" 3Scrapateers' style!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! Are y'all ever in for a HUGE extravaganza!!!

Last I heard, there is OVER a gigabyte of FREEBIES to be had throughout the CELEBRATION and that is not including the over 200 MB that I've not uploaded yet!!! Yeah, I know, what have I been telling you, "a day late, a dollar short, and the LAST to know, only this time it is the LAST TO SHOW! Oh well, I'm just thankful that everyone is SO understanding of my past few weeks of not feeling so good. Oh, and did I mention that there will be over $4500 in PRIZES awarded during our National Scrapbooking Day celebration at 3Scrapateers!!! YEPPERS, do a DOUBLE-TAKE, nearly $5,000 in AWESOME prizes!!! WOWSERS! And just for Y'ALL!!!

A quick piece of GOOD news as I've been awaiting the results of my CT scan. A BIG NEGATIVE!!! ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!!! They see NOTHING wrong inside of me!!! I still feel a lot of nudging around my gall bladder area, but the report says that it is clear. Or, perhaps nothing shows until you are in serious need of help! LOL!

My GYN exam is normal! I go in Monday for a blood workup and back in for a follow-up and review of any results the PA has received up to that point. I still need a few other goodies done, but it will be over the course of the next month or so. ANYHOO, what a DAY to CELEBRATE for sure!!! I still wish I knew what is causing all the bloating and such, but I shall find the answer in time. I am just SO relieved from the GOOD NEWS I've received thus far and am EVER so thankful!!!

See ... I told you with ALL of your well-wishes, prayers, LOVE and support that I could not get anything other than a GOOD report!!! THANK YOU!!! I just LOVE y'all SO much - you are the BEST friends a girl could EVER have!!!

Okay, nuff of the MUSH stuff and on to some EXCITING goodies!

One of my DEAREST friends and colleagues, Carole Nordyke has been a BUSY little bee preparing the GOODIES that we will be handing out to y'all at our *S.O.S. for Summer Layouts* chat, which will be held in the 3S chatroom starting at 8:00 pm EST on Saturday, May 3rd!!! Our chat will last for an hour and a half and we will be showing you a FUN way to SIMPLIFY OUR SCRAPPING (S.O.S) as we begin to scrap our summer photos! Of course, this S.O.S. method can be used ALL-YEAR 'round, but as we are celebrating *A Scrap For All Seasons* as the THEME of NSD this year, I have chosen SUMMER and have created LOTS of FREEBIES for y'all!!!

Before I forget, you will find GOODIES designed in winter, spring, summer and fall color palettes and EVERYTHING that you collect starting at tomorrow night's KICK-OFF CHAT will all work well together by season!!!

I am going to leave you tonight with a SPECIAL little something that Carole has SO wonderfully put together for y'all as a KICK-OFF to the KICK-OFF of NSD at 3Scrapateers!!! I know that y'all will LOVE it just as much as I do!!! Boy, am I ever getting psyched. By the time all is said an done, I'll have just about everything I need to scrap my summer - how about you? COME ON Y'ALL - you DEFINITELY "don't wanna to miss a thing" (hmmm ... I hear a song coming on!!!) THANK YOU CAROLE!!!

I will be back in the morning to post PREVIEWS of the mini-kits that I will be giving and all of the pertinent details for the next TWO days of HARD-CORE "freebie" downloading!!!

A few quick replies to your HEARTFELT comments via 4-shared: (You don't know HOW badly I wish I could comment on EACH and EVERY comment, but then we all know that is ALL that I would have time for, right??? And I know that you much rather have be creating some goodies for y'all, right? Uh, huh .... I thought so! You know, GREAT minds think alike!!! Uh, huh ... you guessed it, RUM-DUMMY HOUR has been here for the past half and hour. I'd better prepare myself to sleep a bit!)

Sharon (shutterbug) - asked how I do it day-after-day? Sharon, I do it because of y'all!!! Honestly, my heart has ALWAYS been to take what I learn and to pass it on to others! Robert tells me even seven years into our partnership that when he first met me, he thought I was a teacher!!! Well, we all are teachers ya know! Where do our children learn their "firsts" in life? Uh, huh ... from their parents! Well, MOSTLY from their parents!

I LOVE creating for y'all and as I've posted above the rotating gallery above, YOUR masterpieces are my GREATEST reward in designing .... and, of course, the fact that I get a bit of scrapping done as well!

Sallie - reading your comment was like reading a comment that I would leave!!! I, too, get weepy-eyed looking at other's PRECIOUS moments in life! Yeah, I'm a bit of a SAP, but I think that is called having a BIG heart, isn't it??? LOL!

Raina - you ARE a STAR in my book as well!!! EACH and EVERYONE of you are STARS and y'all SHINE so brightly and I feel the WARMTH from your GLOW each time you pass through!!!

THANK YOU ALL for making this such a pleasurable and rewarding experience for me! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!

See you in the morning!

Love and hugs,

P.S. To my knowledge, no password is required but, just in case, the password is: Chicago


It is 10:50 am PST - link has been tested and is in proper
working order! Sorry y'all, I was SO tired last night that
I forgot to come back in and post this message after testing
the link!!! Are you READY for National Scrapbooking Day?
I will be back after while to post a KICK-OFF mini-kit and
previews of the other mini's you can collect by participating
in my S.O.S for Summer Layouts chat and Curing the
Summertime Blues challenge!!! BON SCRAPATIT!

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