>> Saturday, May 24, 2008

I guess this has just been an "extra" busy week for me as I've just not had much energy! Most of you have suggested in your comments that you will be staying home this weekend - ME TOO!!! Is it that I am getting older or is it just being a bit "burnt" out from ALL of the years of running around and doing that make me long for quiet weekends at home with my family?

How about y'all? Do you prefer time spent at home with your loved ones or do you prefer gallivanting (meant in a GOOD way - to wander in search of some form of merriment or pleasure) around whether it be shopping, exploring, driving, or traveling about the globe??? This inquiring mind wishes to know!!! I really think that my lack of enthusiasm to do any gallivanting has to do with the way that I've been feeling. I really cannot be on my feet more than two hours before feeling as though I've been hit by a MACK truck!!! I look forward to feeling SUPER peppy again and challenging my family to a hike or something! LOL!!! Shhhh .... don't tell them!

We do have our bi-annual family reunion camping trip coming up during the week of the fourth of July!!! I am surely hoping to be prepared for this WONDROUS event as it is generally VERY, VERY hot at San Luis Resevoir! This girl does NOT tolerate heat very well anymore!!! I just LOVE celebrating with Robert's family as y'all know!!! MAJOR photo op!

ROFL!!! Zeke has awakened from a nap on the bed with Robert and is entertaining himself while I post!!! He is just the CUTEST and both Robert and I are SO thrilled to have him. He REALLY is a WONDERFUL addition to the family and he is such a GOOD boy!

Here it is Memorial Day weekend and everyone is looking forward to three days on the lake only to find that our weather is not very accommodating this year! We had thunder and lightning rolling through earlier and it is supposed to rain tomorrow!!! I am THRILLED! I LOVE the cooler weather and it can just take it's sweet time getting hot here in Copper!!!

Well, I've rattled enough. My eyes are at half-mast and I should get myself moving along to bed so I will awake early and get a GOOD start on a few of my projects. Sharon, you are TOO funny!!! You are not THAT old and to be honest with you, the Memorial Day celebrations that I shared with y'all last night are the ONLY ones I remember!!! I guess this is ONE reason why I really wish to get my memories scrapped as quickly as I am able, before I forget them ALL!!! EEEEEKS! That is NOT a pleasant thought! I SHALL scrap my heritage, I SHALL!!! (the POWER of positive thinking!)

Lisa, $1,000 to fill your boat??? That is INSANE!!! Okay, I don't say a whole lot about things happening in our country outside of my four walls, BUT .... what do y'all think is going to happen when the majority of us have had ALL of our recreation taken away from us and all one has to do is go to work to put food on the table and to put gas in the car to get to and from??? ALL work and NO play makes Jack a dull boy, however, I think it will go a bit further than that!!! I sincerely hope that things begin to turn around for us.

Jeanie dearest, "thank you" for the honor of being tagged!!! You are about the tenth person to tag me over the past several weeks and I've not even had time to respond on my blog!!! I don't wish to offend anyone, but I seriously DO NOT have the time to play tag! It was actually my VERY favorite game in my early years of elementary school!!! I have been meaning to post a banner at the top of my blog which will read something to this effect: BASE: this blog is a TAG-FREE zone!!! He, he ....

I am over a month behind on one of my deadlines, so I honestly cannot respond to any tags. Funny thing is, the first few times it actually "stressed" me, but then I just gave myself a pep talk and convinced myself that it does not make me a "bad sport", I just have obligations that supersede having a little fun at the moment!!! I hope y'all understand that might be reading and have tagged me! I LOVE y'all, but no can do! LOL! I am an OPEN BOOK, so you will find out a lot about me anyhoo.

Sallie, I will have to share with y'all about my recent visit the other day with my psychologist who is like a part of our family!!! I will let y'all know why I am seeing him again after two years - it's ALL good! Anyway Sallie, I asked Dr. Rourke if there was something wrong with my being SO emotional (my boys like to tease me sometimes!). ABSOLUTELY not he said, "you are a very passionate person"!!! YUP!!! That BE me!!! It is SO nice to be validated at times!

Well, I've overstayed my welcome so I will have to continue another time! I've had an "AH, HA" moment and that is why I am counseling with Dr. Rourke again. I am hoping to reprogram the way in which I respond to certain things due to events throughout the course of my life. I am a TOTAL believer in sharing our experiences in hopes that someone else may relate and benefit in even a small way. I thrive on learning .... learning brings about growth .... growth brings forth change and I ALWAYS wish to be moving forward! WOO HOO! I much rather "makeover" the inside of me than the outside!!!

I believe that "stress" ages us faster than anything so I really wish to learn what my stressors are (I'm going to do some bio-feedback) so that I may use some helpful tools to prevent them from becoming overwhelming.

SWEET DREAMS everyone .... have a SUPER Saturday!!! I am glad that y'all are really liking this series, *Those Were The Daisies*!!! Thank you for ALL of your LOVELY comments!

Linda :)


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