>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WHAT??? POOL??? Yeah! Why not? We've been "strolling" through the park for weeks now and I thought a little dip in the pool might help to cool us down, refresh us a bit and prepare us to GREET summer, which is JUST around the corner ... and down the street a ways!!! ROFL!

Okay, the truth of the matter is, I'm a bit tired today, have had several distractions and just could not get my idea for your new freebie to flow as planned!!! So, I dug through my archives and found a COOL little mini-kit that I gave as a "freebie" before I had a blog and a layout that I'd created with it. My oldest daughter had come to visit for a week and it was the first time we had seen her "in the flesh" (no pun intended!) for FOUR years!!! I have vowed that will NEVER happen again - God willing!!! That is just WAY too long for this mama (or ANY Mama) to go without seeing one of her kiddos!!! Of course, we did see her again this past Christmas when we took a "road trip" to spend the holidays with her and her sister AND we will be seeing her again this month, I believe, when she comes to meet her VERY first nephew, little Kaleb Jace who is, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, a month old today!!! Where, oh where, has an ENTIRE month gone to SO quickly???

One more month and we SHALL be headed right into summer, so come take a COOL dip with me with tonight's FREEBIE, a "Summer Rocks" scraptit!!! If y'all are interested, I will give you the papers and elements tomorrow if there are enough of you who respond. Just RAISE your hands and SHOUT .... SUMMER ROCKS!!! He, he ... okay, better yet, post a comment below or when you are downloading, either one will work!

In addition to the two papers used in tonight's "scrapatit", there is a yellow one and a few additional elements, which include a jewel and two rick-rack that I am remembering right-off the top of my head! If y'all can use it, I just might add a few more goodies depending on how many of you I hear from. SO, are you READY for SUMMER??? I just have to share with you REALLY quickly that every time I look at this layout of my oldest daughter, April and the youngest of my youngest (twins!), John, I am reminded of the DAILY walks my little brother and I used to take to the either one of our local junior high or high school pools every summer for years!!! Those were the "carefree" (for the most part) days of my youth!

Before I forget, I still have about HALF of the postings in the *Curing The Summertime Blues* challenge gallery to leave comments on so, PLEASE, do not think that I have forsaken y'all. It's just that I like to take my time and leave meaningful comments and I was called away from the computer several times and was not able to get back on track. Have YOU ever had one of THOSE days??? LOL! Of course you have - tis called LIFE HAPPENS!!! Funny how that happens EVERY day, isn't it!!!

Here's hoping that my sleep tonight is REJUVENATING and that I awake with a CLEAR mind that can focus on the task at hand - your FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE!!!

Linda :)

P.S. Password is: SUMMER


It is 1:30 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Don't forget to let me know
if you wish the individual components this
scrapatit was created with plus extra! XOXO

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