>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thank you for the PM Nancy and for the head's up Tif .... I have found the two missing papers to *Fresh Cut Flowers* Mini-kit #1!!! Uhm, they were not exactly hiding out .... I think I was SO scattered with trying to upload to so many different places while answering e-mails and IM's, that I FORGOT to put them in the zip file!!!

I apologize y'all!!! YEP, had my slice of HUMBLE PIE today!!! Goes down pretty well with a lot of LOVIN' and PATIENCE from y'all!!! Thank you for being SO gentle with me as I have DEFINITELY been stretched a bit the past week, but ALL for a VERY good cause - Y'ALL!!! I just LOVE you guys ya know!

Okay, a little LESS talk and a LOT more action. Here is the DOWNLOAD for the missing papers!

I've also updated the file on my original post for all those coming to download for the first time.

I shall catch y'all later tonight I hope. I'm off to leave some LOVIN' on those WONDERFUL layouts uploaded to the 3S gallery!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who came and joined Carole, Tammy and I last night for the FINAL chat during our HUGE "NSD" celebration. I had such a GOOD time and BOY, was my head spinning trying to keep up with y'all!!! ROFL! Y'all made my day .... SHOOT, MY WHOLE WEEK! Thanks again and be looking for your posting bonuses to start arriving sometime tomorrow for *S.O.S for Summer Layouts* and I will start sending the posting bonus for *Curing The Summertime Blues* out on Tuesday.

I know y'all are trying hard to meet the deadlines, however, I will still be looking for your uploads a day after as well, so you have plenty of time - NO STRESSING ya hear!!! LOL! Just have FUN!


P.S. If you run into any snags or have a question, please e-mail me so I can help you.

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