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>> Sunday, May 25, 2008

Whatever shall you do with ALL of the goodies I've given to you??? Scrap with them of course and then share with me and the ENTIRE world by adding to the slideshow above!!!

LOL!!! My twist on "Bicycle Built For Two"! Yes, it is LATE and I am rum-dummy! You are getting to know me all TOO well!!!

I shall be quite brief tonight. I did not get a bit of scrapping or designing accomplished this weekend, but that is all right as I had a SWEET treat today that was LONG overdue!!! Yes, I had a NICE visit with Kaleb and his mommy and daddy! I have not visited with them in several weeks and Mark stopped by last week to pick his diploma up from me and DID NOT tell me that he had Jessica and Kaleb waiting in the car!!! Little stinker!

Kaleb is growing SO nicely and I simply ADORE his red hair!!! I was just mentioning to Robert a bit ago that it NEVER even occurred to me, while Jess was pregnant, that we might have another redhead in the family!!!

Below I am posting a photo of Zeke, who immediately invited himself atop Kaleb's diaper bag while still over Jessica's shoulder!!! He is such a cutie and getting MORE and MORE playful by the day. I am also posting a couple of photos that Mark took with the new digital video camera that they bought last night. LOOK OUT!!! He's had me for a role model and is already chasing people out of the room when the camera zooms in their direction!!! Mind you, this was first thing in the morning before everyone had dressed for the day!!! LOL! OMGosh .... I am definitely experiencing a taste of my own doings after ALL of these years!

Have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day y'all! Robert and I watched the last half of the Memorial Day Concert on PBS earlier this evening. Where are the kleenex when you need them??? AWESOME tribute. I am continually thankful for those who put their lives on the line each day so that I and my fellow countrymen and women may continue to experience living life in a country with FREEDOM to .... (you fill in the blanks)! THANK YOU!!!

Thank YOU ALL for sharing with me what your plans were for the weekend and for ALL of your SWEET and LOVELY comments!!! I hope that y'all enjoy installment #8 of *Those Were The Daisies*!!!

HAPPY MONDAY and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY to those celebrating!

Linda :)

Awwwww ... Grandma's baby boy!!! Just wanna kiss that
sweet face of yours Kaleb! So hard to believe you will be seven
weeks old tomorrow sweetheart!!! I love you! XOXO

You would have to see this for yourself to get the whole
picture (no pun intended!), but since Jess has grown up
with her dad owning a Harley-Davidson, it was NO
surprise for me when my grandson arrived sportin'
tatoos (rub-on's naturally), a muscle shirt, shorts and
cute little Harley-Davidson booties!!! The kids were
on their way to a friend's baby shower here in town and,
of course, they had to take Kaleb love in style!!!

LOL! Kaleb already has his mommy and
daddy's mischievous grin!!! Isn't he too sweet!

Kaleb sleeping with his daddy! Awwwww ....

Our little Zeke climbing aboard Kaleb's diaper bag to say
hello to Jess when she arrived! Such a social little guy!!!


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