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Okay, so y'all know you'll get a FREEBIE no matter what, but I just have to share some GOOD news with you even though all is not "said and done" in regards to my digestive woes.

I saw Stephanie today (I LOVE YOU STEPHANIE!!!) for a follow-up on all tests done thus far. You'll find this little tidbit rather interesting as I made note of it to Stephanie right away. When seeing Dr. Jacobsen on Tuesday, he pulled a copy of my CT scan report off the computer, printed out a copy and handed it to me on his way back into my room and said, "you're fine" - results are normal (don't you just LOVE that word - NORMAL?). Mind you, I TRULY enjoyed Dr. Jacobsen (he will be performing my colonoscopy next month), however, I did not agree with him on a certain matter and just kept quiet as it was really unimportant at the time and not something that would interfere in my using my own approach to the matter! I'm pretty good at discerning when it is just best for me to "sit on it"!!! HOWEVER, when it comes to something that is virtually out of my hands and in the doctor's, then I will speak my mind in hopes that we can at least negotiate! LOL! There are already two doctors that I will not ever see again (God willing) due to their "I am the doctor, you are the patient" attitudes!!! I actually had one tell me that I read TOO much!!! HA! Stepping on your turf am I dear doctor?

I always try to remind people that doctors are merely "practicing" medicine - they DO NOT know everything! Don't misunderstand me please, I do seek the care of health professionals, but prefer to confer with those that consider me to be "in the know" just as much as they are. After all, who knows my body better than me?

I had a friend and colleague share a link with me last night. Although, I am sure that most of you will already relate to the article, there may be some who have yet to encounter "doubt" in what a doctor is or isn't telling you. I SO believe that we were given "gut instinct" for helping to make important choices. I am learning in my older age to stop "second guessing" myself and to go with my first thought! If only there were a camera to photograph what goes on in my mind when attempting to "second guess"!!! LOL! I think it may resemble something like a GOOD volley on the tennis court! WAY past my bedtime!!! Not sure I'm going to make it there tonight .... uhm, I mean this morning! Oh well, I can cat nap along with Zeke!!!

You can find the article by clicking HERE

Now, back to the topic of my CT scan. There was a note made on the report that my uterus was somewhat prominent. Well, I was not quite sure what that meant and had meant to ask, but the doctor and I traveled down another avenue of conversation!

Well, when Stephanie read the report, she decided that she wanted to examine me once again, just to make sure that she hadn't missed anything. Long story short, she is VERY keen on the fact that ovarian cancer is a silent killer and extremely easy to miss. She figures that, YES, I am going through the change but still wishes to follow me closely just to make sure that nothing is awry in that department.

I got a few chuckles out of her when I brought it to her attention that Dr. Jacobsen walked in and said, "you're fine" without giving it a second thought! POINT-IN-CASE: As women I, personally, believe that we are in much better hands with another woman than a man. Men do not feel what we feel, nor do we know what they feel. I am SO happy to have found Stephanie and I hope she stays put for a long while!!!

I did plead my case as to how much better I feel (for the first time in years) since being put on the Armour Thyroid a little over a month ago. Stephanie did tell me that I have been over-corrected and I talked her into letting me go another 4-6 weeks to see if I remain stable. If I drop any lower, I will agree to a lower dosage of the Armour. Thank you for listening to the needs of your patient Stephanie, you are a love.

Dr. Jacobsen told me when I conferred with him on the Thyroid issue, that I was borderline. Well, after returning home this morning from seeing Stephanie, I realized that my TSH was not 0.6 something after all, but it was 0.06!!! EEEEEKS! My bad! Oh well! Of course the concern is that I not go in the opposite direction and become hyperthyroid!!! I find that rather amusing!

SHEESH!!! I'm sorry. I'm sure I've bored you enough already and I haven't even touched on the result of my blood tests!!! I'll save that for tomorrow or over the weekend.

Thank you SO much again and again for your LOVELY, SWEET and UPLIFTING comments!!! Y'all just know how to make a person feel good! I feel SO behind on blog visiting and responding to your comments. I will try to catch up a bit over the weekend. I have done pretty well with keeping up with my e-mails. I still have several projects with deadlines that I need to tend to over the course of the next few weeks.

Start marking your calenders so that y'all can come and join me on the 12th of June for my Half-n-Half chat at 3Scrapateers. This comes just ONE day after my birthday, so ya just got to know that we are going to have a PAR-TAY, right??? Uh, huh!!! You bet your sweet bippy we are. And I just LOVE giving out goodies on my birthday!

I have a couple of SHOUT OUTS for family members real quick before I leave. Dearest brother, if you are reading this, I received your e-mail and I shall be calling you on Sunday. HI JEN!!! I saw your mom the other day and found out that y'all have been checking out my blog, so I told her I would say HELLO to you and now that I know you are visiting, I shall try and get some layouts and or photos up for you!!!

Y'all will LOVE seeing some photos of Jen and Levon's baby girl, Halia. She just celebrated her first birthday on the VERY same day that Kaleb was born!!! How's that for timing!

Night all ... well, okay, GOOD MORNING y'all!!! Have a SUPER, ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC weekend and I'm just now realizing that it is FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY here at Bon Scrapatit Designs!!! ENJOY!

Love and hugs,

P.S. Password is: OldDays

I've added a section to my sidebar, just below the BLOG ROLL entitled, OFF THE SUBJECT. I have already added one link to a FABULOUS site on thyroid issues. It's called, "Stop the Thyroid Madness"!!! Check it out, you'll find lots of invaluable information. I will be adding more soon.


It is 5:40 am PST - link has been tested and is in proper
working order!!! SCRAP HAPPY this weekend y'all!!!

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