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Perhaps a little of both, eh??? LOL! I am just bustling around getting things all sorted and worked out in my mind for this INCREDIBLE event coming to the WORLD this weekend!!! And what is that you ask? Well, for any of you that may be BRAND NEW to the digital scrapbooking world, it is a VERY special day set aside for ALL of us ALL around the globe that are ENJOYING our MOST healthy addition of preserving our family heritage - you know, those MOST precious and PRICELESS memories that have been stored just about anywhere but where we can see them!!! Those AMAZING photos that cannot always tell a story on their own, but yet when preserved with some LOVELY digital designs and journaling, anyone could pick up the completed album and understand what has taken place within those HEARTFELT pages created by YOU!!! YUP! An ENTIRE day (although at 3Scrapateers, we celebrate from Friday night through to Sunday morning NON-STOP!!!)

I should, hopefully, have something to share with you tomorrow night and if not, then on Thursday as we are winding things up for the GALA event!!!

Tonight's "scrapatit" is a BIT different and you will see just how so right away!!! I've scrapped a few more photos from our BIG family picnic on Easter Sunday at Osage Park. These photos are of Papa (my darling Robert!) and grandson number two, who was the FIRST of three born last year!!! Dillon had just celebrated his FIRST birthday the Saturday before Easter!!! I'm sure y'all remember how I tripped up on the time and we missed this MOST special celebration!!! Oh, I SOOOO need a NEW brain sometimes!!! He, he .... if not ALL of the time! Anyhoo, there is space for a photo the length of the page and a bracket frame tucked beneath torn and curled paper to another photo OR you can place a paper beneath it and use it for journaling. You could also place a paper beneath the larger opening and then erase it from inside the bracket frame for just one smaller photo. I am trying to make the majority of the "scrapatits" fairly simple so that y'all can add your OWN touches with what you have collected from the *Saturday in the Park* collection as you have SO fondly named it!!! You are SO sweet and I LOVE making scrapatits for you and, again, it is causing for me to get some scrapping done as well!!! I am LOVIN' it!!!

By the way, I'm sure you all figure that the reason I am not putting titles and dates on all of my pages is that they will go into an album and the story will be told with a title page or two consisting of the date, the event and such. Having done CT work for several years, I had become accustomed to titling and dating each layout I did, but soon realized how silly that will look in an album full of pages that are all from the same occasion!!! Live and learn! LOL!

Oh, ONE more thing before I head off to bed. Some of you may be wondering about why you are not finding a few of the items that I am using in the "scrapatits" in your collection. Well, while I try to use only from a kit or in this case, the SITP collection (LOL!), once I've acquired enough to put together in a preview, I shall give them as a FREE download as well. Fair enough? I think so!!! Y'all deserve it for being so nice as to share your WONDERFULLY creative layouts with me and ALL of SCRAPLAND and for responding to my periodic questionings!!! You are simply THE BESTEST!!!

See you lovelies tomorrow and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the time to leave me such WONDERFUL digital scrapping organizational tips!!! I am VERY familiar with ACDSee and was actually a test pilot of sorts when it first came about under a different name and before they had all of the bugs worked out of it, they were taken under the ACDSee umbrella!!! I will have to take a closer look at it just as soon as I have a bit of time to play!!! I do like your methods and most of them have been in my head, just not put into practice as yet. It seems I've always been involved in doing SO many things that it was all I could do to download what I'd purchased and unzip it into the specific designer and store's file. I REALLY wish to sort by color, theme, elements and such more than I can say at the moment!!!

Night all, sleep tight and don't let the .... thoughts of what to scrap next keep you awake!!! He, he .... (I bet you thought I was going to say, "don't let the bed bugs bite", didn't you??? ROFL! As my kiddos would have said several years ago ..... PSYCH!


P.S. In the event that you are asked for a password, it is:

Layout created using freebies from my *Saturday in the Park* collection. Font used is:
Leaf Queen Script. The subjects are my DEAREST Robert and grandson, Dillon at our
family picnic at Osage Park on Easter Sunday! We were watching some of the younger
generation playing softball!


The time is 3:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Have y'all stopped scrapping? I
have been SO hoping to see some more layouts added to
the slideshow! You may add them yourself, which is just
the coolest way to keep the show going on!!! XOXO ...

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