>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thank you, thank you my DEAREST ones!!! Your comments have kept me going this weekend as I've been bustling to prepare my goodies for National Scrapbooking Day at 3Scrapateers this coming Friday through Sunday!!!

I've been up and down with a wee bit of nausea but mostly just feeling weak and, YES, Nancy, you hit the nail on the head with the CT scan kicking off the fibro flare!!! It kicked in before leaving the hospital parking lot! Oddly enough, I've not dealt with fibro much for a while (as you said, keeping it under control!) and I suppose between the pain from whatever is going on PLUS the CT scan procedure, I've been aching from head-to-toe since Thursday. EVEN my feet hurt! And this too SHALL pass!!!

On to BIGGER and BETTER things! As I am working my hardest to wrap up my preparations for NSD, I will post and "ad" of sorts to let y'all know what I will be doing by way of "chat" and "challenge" for this MOST wondrous event, so STAY-TUNED!!!

For those of you who have NEVER attended any festivities at 3S in past years for NSD, CLEAN out your hard drives as we have TONS of FREEBIES for your downloading pleasure starting with the KICK-OFF chat Friday night!!! I will post the time when I give you the details. I believe the KICK-OFF is at 7:00 pm EST and, of course, will be located in the 3Scrapateers' chatroom! (Rumor has it, there will be some EXTRA surprises being given out!) You will find a DIRECT LINK to the chatroom just below my scrapkit slide presentations over in my sidebar to your right. The THEME for NSD this year at 3S is "A Scrap For All Seasons"! YEPPERS, that means the FREEBIES will consist of goodies for scrapping ALL-YEAR round - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! WOO HOO!!! I guarantee this is NOT an event to be missed!!!

Tonight's "scrapatit", as you can see by my layout, is another FUN addition to *Saturday In The Park* and was PERFECT for a photo from our family gathering at the park on Easter Sunday. We had a GREAT time watching "ohana" (family) playing softball and peering through the "chain-link" or "cyclone" fencing!!! Now y'all know why I just HAD to create the fencing overlay!!! Ya just gotta LOVE Hawaiians - MANY of the gentleman played in their LOCALS (flip-flops), including Robert's oldest son!!! LOCALS are actually a fairly spendy pair of thongs, as I used to call them as a girl! We had such a GOOD time and I'm a bit sad as we had to miss Robert's brother's birthday party today since I've not been well. I TRULY treasure the time WELL SPENT with this family!

Thank you for letting me know whether or not you had to use a password to download. This is getting VERY interesting now and I am MORE confused than ever (is that really possible??? shhhhh!) as some of you HAD to and some of you DID NOT have to!!! ROFL!!! Gotta LOVE the opportunity for a GOOD chuckle!

Have a SUPER week everyone and I will start posting NSD info in a few days!!!

Sweet dreams ...


P.S. In the event you are asked for one, the password is: Chicago


It is 12:55 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! PLEASE keep your layouts
coming - I SO enjoy viewing them each time I
enter my blog!!! They are all SO beautiful and
they are keeping me inspired through my rough
patch. Thank you SO very much - y'all ROCK!!!

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