>> Thursday, April 10, 2008

This has been a WONDERFUL beginning to April for me and reminiscing about days of old with y'all and the FABULOUS band, CHICAGO!!! I'm SO happy that y'all are enjoying *Saturday in the Park* as much as you are! I think it has quickly become one of my favorites as I just LOVE the outdoors, springtime, warm sunshiny days (moderate temps of course!) and the smell of FRESHLY mowed grass as well as ALL of the BEAUTIFUL budding blossoms!

I was just listening to "You're the Inspiration" and have SOOOOO enjoyed ALL of the SHARES from y'all the past few days and thought I would use this song as to pose yet another question! First I'd like to let you know just how MANY ear-to-ear grins you've put on my face as I read your SWEET memories of the PURE innocence of the children in your life!

WHO is the MOST influential and/or inspiring person in your life? Has he/she always been? Have you had MORE that one person who has made a HUGE impact in or on your life?

Before I forget .... NO!!! We have NEVER known what April meant when she said, "peace molly hops"!!! I just spoke with her last night and it was a good stroll down memory lane for her as well and she got a little chuckle out of the fact that SHE KNEW what she meant back in the day, but has NOT a clue what her little mind had concocted at the age of two!!! ROFL! She told me that we'd have to go back to April at that time and ask her!!! O - KAAAAY! Let's just do that!

Wouldn't that be TOO cool to have a contraption to transport us momentarily back in time like in "Back to the Future"??? WHOA! That would be trippy for sure! Uhm, hon, remember when so and so said such and such? No. Well, let's go back and and recapture that remark, story, etc.!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

Okay, I know what you ALL are thinking!!! Linda is well on her way into her RUM DUMMY hour!!! I think you're right, so I'd better finish up and get myself to bed!

How many of you have completed a layout and/or project using *Saturday in the Park*? THANK YOU to those of you who have already sent me something and/or posted links for me to view!!! You are SO awesome!!! If y'all don't mind, I am going to snag your masterpieces and put them into a slideshow down below where the others are, only this one will be EXCLUSIVELY for layouts and/or cards and other projects using ONLY *Saturday in the Park*.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to scrap anything, I'm going to "inspire" you a bit with SCRAPATIT #1!!! And, YES, please plop in some of your favorite outdoor photos add a little journaling and/or title and send it to me so I can post them in the slideshow as well!!! I just LOVE seeing what you create!!!

I am posting below a layout (look Tink, Linda scrapped!!!) that I made last night after waiting for this INCREDIBLE kit to debut in the 3Scrapateers' store this past week. It is called *BLOCKZ* and it was SKILLFULLY created by Dede Smith. You WOULD not believe how MANY pieces of LEGO Dede has included in this MASSIVE kit!!! I will be using this kit a lot, especially when I am finally able to have a bit of time to go drag out my bins of photos from the closet!

I had FUN!!! I got to play with my VERY own LEGOS!!! WOO HOO! Gotta LOVE all those BRIGHT "Lego" colors too!

Sweet dreams y'all and have a BEAUTIFUL tomorrow - see you later alligators!!!


P.S. Same password: Chicago

I will be catching up with e-mails and comments throughout the weekend and into the beginning of next week as I have several collaborations due over the next few days and I shall, hopefully, be maddogging it to get 'em done!

Tink, I hope that you are well-rested and enjoying your grandbabies (dont' tell them I said that!!!). Carole dearest - hoping and praying you've received GOOD news from your MRI's - calling you tomorrow!


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