>> Monday, April 28, 2008

ROFL!!! I won't EVEN try to tell you that this will be a quickie as WE all know it won't be, right??? LOL! I figure if I don't say anything, then I shall be short and sweet tonight!!! Shhhhh .... you did NOT hear a thing I just said, DID YOU???

Well, FIRSTLY, I hope to find y'all doing well and getting some MAJOR scrapping done with *Saturday in the Park* and ALL the other goodies you are finding. You know, I don't get out much anymore so if y'all find something IRRESISTIBLE that you just think I may NOT have seen and that I might be interested in, please HOLLER at me and let me know where I can find it!!! LOL! Yeah, while I don't grab near as many as I used to "back in the day", I still find it hard to pass some things by and there are some INCREDIBLE designers here in SCRAPLAND gifting us with some ROCKIN' stuff!!! I purchase a lot as well, especially commercial goodies!!! I would REALLY be embarrassed to tell you just HOW much stuff I've accumulated over the past 3+ years and how little of it I've actually had the opportunity to use. Although, one day I am sure that things will change and I might just have a WHOLE LOT of time to scrap!!! Now there is a MOST pleasant thought!!!

I REALLY love designing so I need to find myself a "balance" sometime here in the near future so that I can enjoy the BEST of BOTH worlds!!! I know I mentioned it the other night, but I am getting a few things scrapped by making "scrapatits" to give out!!! Although, I am SURE that y'all are going to tire of them VERY soon!!! I shall start working on some new things once National Scrapbooking Day has past and y'all will be WAY too busy organizing ALL of the new goodies you get to really even think about what I might be up to!!! ROTFLMBO!

Oh, one more topic I'd like to bring up quickly before I say "good night" - how do y'all organize your scrapkits? By designer? By theme? Color? Do you separate papers and elements and then organize your elements by type? What system makes YOU most productive in your scrapping? This inquiring mind would REALLY like to know!!! Thank you!

Tonight's "Saturday in the Park" scrapatit is another WONDERFUL addition and I had a SPECIAL time scrapping with it! I've been putting off posting new photos of Kaleb as I've been SO busy, so I thought I'd be just a WEE bit creative in scrapping this SWEET photo of my darling grandson on my visit to his home as he celebrated his FIRST week of life!

ENJOY and I just might give you a SNEAK-PEEK at some of the goodies I will be offering during National Scrapbooking Day at 3Scrapateers!!! I am SLOWLY creeping off of third-base and coming in for a HOMERUN!!!

Ms. Carole, if you are reading this, I hope to have some goodies to you sometime before noonish for our chat Saturday night!!! Oh boy, I am getting SOOOOO excited! Y'all will be too, I just know it!

Have a TERRIFICALLY delightful Tuesday everyone and I'll see you tomorrow night and I thank you all SO very much for ALL of your LOVELY and TREASURED comments!!! You are SOOOOO awesome!


P.S. In the event you are asked for a password, it is: Chicago

Layout is of my PRECIOUS new grandson, Kaleb Jace and created using my
*Saturday in the Park* blog freebies. Fonts used are Leaf Queen Script and
Letter Gothic. Journaling reads: Kaleb Jace at one week dreaming of Grandma
taking him to the park to play - on a Saturday! (Sorry, I just could not resist!)


The time is 2:25 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Are you getting those hard drives
prepared for downloading Friday night - Sunday in
celebration of National Scrapbooking Day??? OH BOY!

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