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Note: I was unable to get this post uploaded last night as, for some reason, Blogger was not taking my images! Sorry, first time I've ever had THAT happen to me on Blogger!!! Have a GLORIOUS weekend everyone! Please see additional note below download image for update on links and the MISSING BOX!!! OOOPSIE!

I'm usually not SAD to see the end of my designing of any particular kit, but for SOME reason, I'm having a difficult time with this one. I'm thinking it might have something to do with my not feeling so great the past few weeks and my inability to "lock-down" and focus for long periods of time and I am SURELY hoping that this "inability" passes quickly!!! It's almost as bad as being in a FIBRO FOG!!! Thankfully, I've not dealt with that for a while and I think y'all are getting to know me well enough to know that I have a bit of (okay, A LOT of) stubbornness in me mixed in with PURE determination that I WILL conquer ALL that ails me!!!

Point-in-case, I was BOUND and DETERMINED to include some reasonably realistic CHAIN-LINK fencing (y'all were close, but NO cigar! YUK, you wouldn't want one of those anyhoo!!! EWWWW! *grimacing*) in this final installment because I have several photos to scrap from Easter of the family divided up into teams playing softball and of those of us cheering them on, including our DARLING grandson, Dillon!

I created my own template one link at a time until I had a row. I then merged visible, duplicated the row and as many times as I needed to complete a 12x12 page and then resized to fit proportionately. After saving my template as a PNG file to save transparency, I ran Atomic Cupcake's "pewter" action to give it a somewhat galvanized appearance. The detail-oriented person that I am had me looking at the chain-link MANY times throughout the day trying to figure why I could not get it to look like REAL chain-link!!! I shall work on it another time to see if I can improve upon it, but for now, I am satisfied and I hope y'all like it too!!! It'll come in handy for LOTS of layouts including baseball, the park (of course!), gardening, putting up a chain-link fence or any layout that will include photos with chain-link in them!!! And don't hesitate to crop it to suit your needs!

My eyes are burning and SO is my brain - I have many things to cover, but am running out of gas!!! He, he ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mom Soto from!!! She has been a busy, busy scrapper and posts a layout on her site everyday for a challenge. She has already sent me four or five (I've lost count) layouts using *Saturday In The Park* and I hope to get her layouts, as well as those from the rest of you that have either sent them to me or posted links for me to follow, put into a slide show this weekend!!! WOO HOO!!! Thanks SO much y'all!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! I am SO loving it!!!

Mom Soto is also a designer and has some VERY lovely kits for sale and you will even find some WONDERFUL freebies on her site. Check it out and please make sure to leave her some lovin' and you can even tell her that I sent you over!!! You can use the link above and I will be posting the link on my sidebar too.

WELCOME home Tink!!! SO nice to have you back! I've missed you!!! Hope you accomplished ALL that you set out to at Nuke's this time around! I shall try to visit your blog SOON darlin'!!!

He, he ... nice thing about the Internet, you can go away for months and no one would even know it, unless of course, you make it known!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing your family's geographical challenges. While a few of you ARE close to loved ones, MOST of us are not and I agree TOTALLY with Livia, thank goodness for the phone, IM's, web cameras, e-mail and the Internet period!!! Which reminds me, I've just got to get myself caught up so that I can reply to one of my older brothers who has been trying to reach me (If you are reading my DEAREST brother, I will contact you ASAP!). This is just a CRAZY month for me and I've got to get 'er done!!! I actually have several family members I need to reply to!

For my finale' to *Saturday In The Park* tonight, you are getting several goodies. There is a WOOD background, a folded gingham table cloth AND a chain-link overlay!!! I am including a "plain" wooden box for y'all to decorate as you wish or you can even use it as a photo frame, two brown bag butterflies trimmed in glitter and embellished with tiny jewels, another dragonfly to match the background paper from #9, a metal T-pin, a torn paper and cardboard tag, COLORFUL jewels, a pewter eyelet and jump ring (you can hang goodies from the chain-link fencing!), a tri-colored bead strand, a straight and a wavy rope with a matching bow (this is the same as the ensemble in #1 but separate pieces), a green GLITTERED flourish and a RED grunge and epoxy clipboard, hardware and crumpled and folded spiral note paper!!! PHEW! That was a pretty long list!!!

Below I am posting a preview of ALL previews from 1 - 9 (minus the scrapatits and more of these will be sure to follow!) for any of you who might be missing some of the downloads. All downloads will remain active until I post something new that is not related to *Saturday In The Park*. I figure all links will still be active for several more days, if not a week. If you know anyone else in your scrapping circle that might like these goodies, please send them on over before they are gone! I will most likely upload *Saturday In The Park* to my stores prior to the Fourth of July!!! "Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July"!!! It'll be a GREAT kit for scrapping your Independence Day get-togethers and summer picnics and/or park adventures!!!

If I have forgotten anything important, I will add in the morning after I start my day! SHEESH - the day has already started!!! SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP .... (self hypnosis!!!)

SWEET DREAMS y'all - have an AWESOME weekend and may you SCRAP A LOT!!!


P.S. Password: Chicago




I've added a separate link for those of you that have already
downloaded prior to my replacing links! I've also broken
the downloads into two since it was such a large file! Sorry!
I did not realize that the folded gingham cloth was nearly
30 MB's all by it's self!!! EEEKS! Thanks for your patience
as I have sorted out the difficulties and thank you for using
my designs and for ALL of your LOVELY comments! Y'all
ROCK ... and then SOME!!! XOXO (As of 5:30 pm PST -
links have been tested and are ALL in proper working order.
Chicago is the password for ALL three files! ENJOY!)

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