>> Tuesday, April 8, 2008

OMGosh!!! Y'all have made my day!!! Well, okay, let me rephrase that - y'all have HELPED to make my day!!! I had to change that up a bit as I did get to spend nearly an hour with Kaleb this afternoon!

I had one of the twins take me up the hill (the other one came along too!) to Angels Camp to pick up my Armour Thyroid. They only had four of them on Thursday to hold me over until they received more today ONLY they did not! So the assistant had to rewrite the prescription for double the quantity of half the dosage, which is all they had available. I told them I did not care just as long as I was getting some! She asked how it was doing for me and I told her that so far, WONDERFULLY well! When I asked why they were having trouble getting more in, I was informed that they are having a bit of trouble keeping up with the demand. Now that right there is a SWEET morsel of information, eh? IT WORKS! I will try to remember to share a little bit more on that from some information I read the other day. I should also remind myself to post the links for any of you that might be interested in reading some excellent tidbits on one's TSH readings.

Anyhoo, Mark and Jess just live a hop, skip and a jump (yes, we WERE driving a car!!!) from the pharmacy and they had just arrived home from the hospital. I had been keeping tabs with Mark throughout the morning and early afternoon to make sure that we did not end up going to the hospital only to find them gone! Tis a LONG drive!!! This worked out VERY well as Luke needed to get back home fairly soon to get ready for work and to stop by and see his girlfriend as today is their 10-month anniversary!!! This kiddo has it goin' on as he remembers dates like I do! Funny thing too, Luke and Tessa will be celebrating one year together on the same day that Jessica (Kaleb's mommy) celebrates her birthday!!!

I was able to take some photos of PRECIOUS Kaleb with the natural lighting coming in through the living room window as suggested by my dear friend and our occasional "scrapatit" provider, Bonnie Beechler!!! Thank you for the reminder Bonnie as Kaleb was born under artificial lighting and I was a bit frustrated that I missed him as he took his FIRST little breath. WHY you ask? Because MY camera, for some reason (how much you want to bet it's lack of knowledge on the operator's end???) will not take a clear photo without flash on the automatic setting and someone here is waiting to take a digital photography class when she can find a bit of time to devote to it!!! Looks like I am being motivated to FIND that time, doesn't it!!! ROFL! I will upload some of those photos to the slideshow sometime tomorrow. My eyeballs are starting to hurt!!! Kaleb has such beautiful coloring that reminds me of my firstborn. Interesting as they both had a touch of jaundice. No biggie.

I have SO enjoyed reading all of the DELIGHTFUL different ways you and your LOVED ones have of expressing LOVE to another and I shall be making note of them!

How many of y'all remember Art Linkletter? Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have another host as remarkable as Mr. Linkletter to interview young children? Out of the mouths of babes! He was simply AMAZING as I look back and reminisce the days of old!!!

Hmmm .... that has me thinking now! How about we share some of the MOST remarkable things we have heard our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. say that has either left us in stitches, perplexed or with raised eyebrows and bulging eyes!!!

I will start with two different "out of the mouths of babes" from my oldest daughter, April. The first was when she was all of about two years old. Most of us know that our firstborns are generally VERY bright and usually learn at a fairly quick pace as they get ALL of our undivided attention. Well, April was every bit of that and earned quite the reputation for keeping Mommy and Daddy TOTALLY baffled!

One day she popped out with something that I was not quite understanding OR I had NO idea where it came from or what it meant. I will spell it out as best I can so you can get the gist of my perplexity - LOL! "Peace molly hops"! Yep, three little words that would soon go down in history in the Walton household!!!

I would have April repeat these three little words HOPING that the little girl who was SO articulate, had finally found something a bit too challenging to pronounce correctly!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!! I SO wish I had video of this event. I finally gave up and said to her, "April, you have Mommy and Daddy TOTALLY baffled"!!! WOO HOO! Did she pick that up and run with it. Little stinker would go around at any given moment .... "Peace molly hops - I have Mommy and Daddy TOTALLY baffled" with the BIGGEST little smiles and burst of chuckles.

I shall NEVER forget those three words!

The second was April at the age of 11 shortly after I gave birth to the twins, which were number five and six! "We" had not planned on having any more after my second son, Mark (Kaleb's daddy) was born!!! April heard either her dad and I casually talking or her dad on the phone making the comment that we had not planned on any more after the fourth. WHOA! April chimed right in and with out batting an eye or missing a beat, replied - "Mom, you and Dad can make all the plans you want, but God has the final say so"!!! I looked at her in utter amazement and told her that she was EXACTLY right about that!!!

I can't wait to hear (or should that be "read"!!!) what y'all have to share tomorrow!!! Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY!!! XOXO

Sweet dreams ...

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