>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

ROTFLMBO!!! Yeah .... I KNOW!!! That's pushing it a bit, eh??? I told you I'd come up with acronyms for every day of the week!!! AND, since y'all did not toss any suggestions my way, I had to STRETCH my brain within a minute bit of time to come up with this one!!! Yes, sleep awaits me and I shall not torture you long - I hope!

Had an unexpected phone call from my darling daughter number two and had the pleasure of her company for nearly two hours. I NEVER complain when my girls call as we are all so busy and time "well spent" is rather rare these days!

Funny, as I was speaking with Robert's number three son earlier today and it is becoming the popular vote amongst most of us that if we win the lottery (or come into a fortune some other way), homes will be built for ALL family members and we will revisit the days of LONG ago when everyone lived on farms and could jump into the wagon and go visiting at least once a week!!!

I had to laugh at Joan as we were discussing the idea and she said that, of course, we'd have to implement a "no dropping by unannounced" rule!!! He, he ... I guess that tells you that she definitely enjoys her privacy and wants to make sure that the house is in order before visitors come calling!!! Hmmm .... wonder where she EVER got that idea from??? Okay, I HAVE outgrown it for the most part!!! Don't challenge me now - I CAN take pictures to prove it if need be!!! ROFL! *turning red from potential embarrassment*

All kidding aside, I think it would be GRAND to have family close by. My girls have often used the word "disconnected" when speaking of their distance from family. I'm sure we don't think about it during the hustle and bustle of the day, but when all is said and done and we have a moment or two to reflect, we do feel somewhat disconnected from those we don't see nearly as often as we would wish to.

What are your feelings about families being divided by geographical differences? I'm sure there are some that have a family member or two that they prefer living across town or even in another state!!! Heck, maybe even out of the country, but for the MOST part, wouldn't you like knowing that you could make a phone call and stop by to visit that new grandbaby after work any day of the week??? Hmmm ... wonder where that question came from!!! Give you ONE guess!!! LOL!

I do realize that some of you already have the ability to see your LOVED ones on a regular basis, but I venture to say that MOST of us today do NOT have that privilege or pleasure. So much for being a "stone's throw" away, eh??? LOL! Okay, enough from the peanut gallery. I will zip my lips. Or should that be, freeze my fingers? YES, YES, YES .... you have guessed correctly!!! RUM DUMMY hour has arrived and right on time as it is nearly midnight my time! I'm rattling and I need to hush and give up the goods, don't I???

Okay, here they are. There is ONE thing that I've yet to create to complete *Saturday in the Park* and I am not going to be content until it's been done and done correctly at that!!! No, I'm not telling, but I will give you a hint. It will be something you can use in the background and it is something that you would probably find at MOST larger parks. Something that is used to protect children and adults alike from flying objects!!! Any guesses??? Why am I SO adamant about including this item in this ONGOING kit??? Because I REALLY, REALLY want it to scrap MY Easter photos with when we all gathered at the park for a bar-b-que and WONDERFUL family fellowship ... and played games even!!!

Tonight's FREEBIE includes a dragonfly background paper, a gingham cloth covered picnic table matte, a beaded dragonfly and a wrapped frame!!!

ENJOY! See you tomorrow for??? FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! And, hopefully, I shall have found what I need to create the FINAL part of *Saturday in the Park* as I am sure that y'all are about DONE with it!!! He, he ...

Nighty, night y'all ...


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