>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ROFL! Before long, I will have acronyms for each day of the week!!! If you have any CLEVER ideas, PLEASE send them my way as my brain is a bit cluttered at the present time!

HOW ARE Y'ALL??? Everybody have their taxes filed??? Robert got his mailed by the skin of his teeth, or should that be by the soles of his feet as he darted from car to post office!!! He, he ... Good thing he called me and I told him that the post offices closed at 4:30, otherwise he would have had to drive an hour and half to get them mailed in Stockton! PHEW! He's just glad they are done. Not his fault they were in at the last minute either. That was MY bad! Too busy with SO much other stuff and I kept dragging my heels on those taxes!!! Now there's a sight for sore eyes, me sitting on my backside IN my computer chair and dragging my heels!!! EEEEEKS!

Anybody have any funny tax stories to share??? Perhaps not funny at the time, but in retrospect, they bring a good chuckle nowadays!!!

Please bear with me - I've got NEW photos of Kaleb to share from my visit with him yesterday as he celebrated his FIRST little week of life outside of his womb! He is SOOOOOOO sweet and such a GOOD baby boy! I will try, TRY my darndest to get them up tomorrow!!!

I almost canceled my trip as I was not feeling well at all, but I did NOT want to miss a one week photo shoot and I thought Kaleb would be just the medicine that Grandma could use for the afternoon. I was right - he did the trick for me!!! Holding a tiny miracle, NEW life in my arms - CANNOT get ANY better than that! NOPE, not even a trip to the Caribbean comes close!!!

I made it to the clinic this morning for my appointment. I am a bit behind tonight so I will catch y'all up tomorrow. My in office exam was good on the surface and we will be awaiting test results. I was THRILLED at my blood pressure even knowing that my body has been stressed due to all of the pain and I'm sure I have been too, more than I would like to admit on a conscience level! BP was 104/68, which is actually a bit lower than my norm of 110-112/70-72. I was HAP, HAP, HAPPY about those numbers. Oxygen reading was 99%, so my blood is flowing nicely!!! Doing a REAL big HAPPY DANCE on that as one who has been stented!!!

I will be going for all of the typical OVER 50 goodies: mammography (that's actually 40+), colonoscopy (oh JOY!), bone density test (I'm looking forward to this one!) and Stephanie wishes me to have a CT scan done of my abdomen JUST to make sure nothing is being missed!!! I just LOVE this woman!!! When I mentioned to her that I am STUBBORN and wish to hang onto all of my innards, her reply was, "Most of those into holistic medicine feel that way - God gave you everything you needed and you don't want to lose any of it!" WOO HOO - it feels SOOOOO good to have a medical professional who relates to how "I" feel!!! WHOOPEEEEEE!!!!!

Okay, now for YOUR medicine .... er, uhm .... I mean now for your TREAT!!! I have DESPERATELY wanted to give Monica Larsen's new "In a Box" action a try and this was the PERFECT opportunity and fits VERY nicely into the *Saturday in the Park* theme! I had to toss in a bit of grass stain and crumpled piece of brown paper bag as well as the GLITTERED floral border that I gave you attached to the brown bag journal matte last time! I thought it would be nice to have to use as a page border or even as a frame around whatever!

I tried not to gussy up the decorated box TOO much so that you can add flowers if you wish and/or the lady bug or anything else that your heart desires, OR just leave it as is!

Have FUN! See you tomorrow night, God willing. I've not felt like doing much of anything the past couple of weeks, so I am hoping that I can focus a bit better now and get my projects completed so I can start making some NEW kits!!!

Nighty, night y'all! Sweet dreams - may they be SCRAP HAPPY ones!!!


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