>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hi everyone!

I am breezing in and breezing right back out this evening as it is dinnertime and my SWEET man is awaiting me!

I had to fiddle with this alpha to get it to look the way I wanted so I spent a little extra time fixing it up! Y'all know me, I'll keep on it until it looks right in my eyes and I am hoping it looks right in yours as well! LOL! Details, details, details ...

I did not have time to split the files so if any of you are NOT able to download the 42+ MB's at once, please give me a holler and I will split them for you tomorrow.

Hope everyone's week is winding down nicely. I know there are MANY graduations going on and last days of school. CONGRATULATIONS to your graduates and HAPPY SUMMER!!!

See you soon and I thank you from the depths of my being, once again, for ALL of the INCREDIBLY generous comments .... aka LOVE!!! MWAH!

Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

P.S. Y'all know HOW much I like making a plaid alpha to match my kits when making plaid papers, SOOOOOO, if y'all would like to have a coordinating plaid alpha tomorrow, I am asking for at least "50" of you to leave me a comment HERE on my blog! I will check comments sometime tomorrow early afternoon! Thanks SO much and Bon Scrapatit!!!

Sorry, this link is no longer available!

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