>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello darlins'!

I know that I have been QUITE sporadic as of late and I nearly gave this post a different title altogether - "Glutton or Gluten?" ROFL!!!

I've actually been feeling better this past month or so than I have in a VERY long time. What do I mean? Well, no daily chronic pain, not a SINGLE fibro flare-up, and a reasonable amount of energy. SO, what has happened to change all of that these past several days? Hmmmm ... would you believe a spaghetti dinner? YUP! I know it for a fact as I've had issues with pasta for some time now and choose to avoid it, however, I did not wish to burst my SWEET Robert's bubble when he declared that he wished to make spaghetti Saturday evening! Robert adores grilling on the weekends, which usually works out rather well for me and I've actually had him eating salad this past week rather than rice, WOO HOO! Well, anyhoo, I wanted him to cook what he wished to and it has been a rather LONG while since I've had any pasta and thought that I shouldn't suffer too terribly much. WRONG!

Here we are at Wednesday and I am still with a swollen belly (okay, bloated I suppose) making me feel like a glutton, however, I am just about one hundred percent certain at this point that I am gluten intolerant. My oldest daughter has been seeing a naturopath and the allergist she works for this past year, and has been found to be gluten intolerant. Could be in the genes, eh? LOL!

I shall not ramble on, but I do like to share as it is always nice to hear back from y'all if you have any experience or knowledge to pass on and vice-versa! I know of a few good books out-and-about for gluten-free diets and hope to order one in the next couple of weeks. Any of you gluten-intolerant or know of anyone who is? It seems to be one of those things that appear at any time in one's life.

I am awaiting an order of product to help me get my intestinal tract back into proper working order! I am SOOO looking forward to it and have come to realize that this is something I will need to do on a regular basis and not just once per year or so! I am also going to try going "gluten-free" and if I can see a dramatic difference in my overall well-being, then I will be resolved to the fact that gluten-intolerance is my trouble.

Well, now that you've heard about one of my "getting older" ailments, are you ready for me to share one of my "hang ups"??? ROFL! I think y'all will enjoy my sharing THIS particular hang up!!! I hope so anyhoo! He, he ...

I had intended to give this to y'all earlier on and forgot all about it! For those of you that have collected my past *Girasole* goodies, this was made to coordinate with it but serves well as a stand-alone too.

Wishing everyone a MOST glorious and ADVENTUROUS summer! May you ALL create some VERY magical memories with which to keep you tending to your DIGITAL addiction!

Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

Please see new post for corrected download. I am so sorry for the inconvenience! Now y'all know what my REAL "hang up" is, eh? :-D

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