>> Friday, June 12, 2009

ROFL! Am I late for my own birthday party y'all??? ROFL! OMGosh! What a day!

Firstly, I cannot even begin to tell you HOW overwhelmed I was with ALL of the birthday greetings here on my blog and on Facebook! It's going to take me a year to reply to everyone!!! Okay, slightly exaggerated, but you get the picture! I've not even logged into Facebook yet today as I will not do anything else until I've thanked everyone for their greetings! *smile*

THANK YOU! Thank you SO much for ALL of your SWEET wishes!!! I am SO deeply touched and spent most of yesterday a MUDDLED MESS as I put it to my BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design!

I'd like to give a SHOUT-OUT to TWO very special ladies on their birthday today!!! Tammy Dunlap and Amberlee Batchelor, both whom I've known since my VERY early digi-days four years ago!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ladies!!! If you'd like to leave them birthday wishes, click on their names to be transported to their blogs where you can leave them some LOVIN'!!!

Dawn posted a special layout and birthday greeting for me yesterday on her blog and seems she was out-and-about SCRAPLAND as the proverbial "little birdie" giving everyone a head's up as to what day it was! Thanks girlfriend, you CONSTANTLY amaze me and I just NEVER know what you've got up your sleeve from one moment to the next!!! You are SO very near and dear to my heart girlie and I LOVE YOU MUCH!

Dawn has also posted the EXTRA goodies that coordinate with *Love Lifted Me* for your downloading pleasure! Click the image below to be transported and you will also see the special birthday greeting she posted for me! TOO sweet I tell ya! Girlfriend, thank you SO much for the LOVLEY cluster frame and word art, YOU ROCK!

The INFAMOUS Kim B, the LOVELY and HUMOUROUS designer at DSO, gifted me with her upcoming and NEWLY released GOR-HEE-JUS scrapkit, *Mezzaluna*! OMGosh, be prepared to drop your jaw y'all, it is a STUNNER! Kim just has this way of every NEW kit outdoing the one before! Thank you sweetie for such a LOVELY gift and SPECIAL wishes, you are a LOVE! I shall try my hardest to do *Mezzaluna* justice! *wink* Thank you SOOO much darlin'!!!

And, then, Ms. Carole sent me the PRETTIEST birthday card that she made with components from THREE of my previous blog freebies and I tell you, by this time I'm up and down for tissue! Well, after spending a THOROUGHLY delightful evening/night with my SWEET Robert and one of my twin sons, Luke and his girlfriend, Tessa, watching a MOST delightful and entertaining new Disney movie, *Beverly Hills Chihuahua*, I came in briefly to check my e-mail and found yet another surprise from Carole! Carole has graciously offered up my birthday card, blank of course *wink*, as well as the BEAUTIFUL floral cluster from the card to share with y'all!!! Thank you, thank YOU sweetheart!!!

I am SO blessed! Robert came home with a Boston Creme Pie (so cute, he thought it was a cake - well, hey, I agree as it does give the appearance of a cake more so than a pie, eh?), ice cream, flat iron steaks (he's grilling those tonight) and a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers!

Luke and Tessa had been and gone to pick up the movie and returned with a PRICELESS birthday card and yet another bouquet of BEAUTIFUL flowers! Now, would you believe that both gentlemen selected the VERY same bouquet??? YUP, they did. I can look at that TWO ways; they both have GREAT taste and/or they both really know what I like! ROFL! I'm not really a big on fresh flowers (I never protest as I don't wish to take away the heart behind it), although I am a floral fanatic. I'd much rather a plant or flowers that can be transplanted outside or that will last a long time. I know that many of you are the same way. Guess it is part of my frugal-ness! LOL!

Of course, I spent some time on the phone as well! SO, needless to say, I did not get to work on my surprise for y'all and hope to have it finished up this weekend and ready-to-go come Monday! Let's just say, it's my way of celebrating EVERYONE'S birthday!!! ROFL! He, he ... Uh, yeah .... like .... *Get The Party Started*!!! ROFL! Those who know me well will catch on to that REAL quick! *wink, wink, WINK*

Oh my, I have a SURPRISE visit from #1 and #2 sons and my PRECIOUS grandson, Kaleb! I will share a few photos with y'all over the weekend as I continue to work on MY surprise for y'all!

Have a GRAND weekend everyone!!!

Lots of love atcha,
Linda :-D

P.S. THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE!!! My heart is TRULY overflowing right now and I've been such a SAP today! LOL! Such SWEETNESS in SCRAPLAND!!! My "extended" family! *BIG SMILE*

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