>> Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you SOOOOO much for the AWESOME feedback on the IE8 problem y'all!!! I had HIGH hopes that MOST of you would already be using Firefox or something other than IE, or at least know how to work around it's dislike of the Google FOLLOW Gadget!!! VERY cool and, NO, I won't be giving it up and doubt that MOST others will either!

Barb, thank you SO much for the suggestion of FLOCK! I shall give it a go just as soon as I have a block of time to play with it!!! It sounds just like the CHARM I need in my ever-growing social media networks!!! I am one that once I download and install something new, I just HAVE to see how it works!!! If you happen to see this post, I shall surely e-mail you and give you a full report!!! Thank you SO much!

To those using Google Chrome, I have heard NOTHING but GOOD from those using it and I just might give it a test run as well! MWAH!

Okay, I dashing in and out! The scrapatit I am leaving you with tonight is one that I posted a year ago around Father's Day! SO, for those of you who are familiar with my *Jeanealogy Of A Man* scrapkit that was featured as a Half-n-Half at 3Scrapateers last June, you won't need to download, but I know there are MANY new scrappers in SCRAPLAND since a year ago so I thought I'd post it while I am mad-dogging it to meet some deadlines PLUS I am going to put *Jeanealogy Of A Man - Generation II* in my store at One Single Seed next week and, HOPEFULLY, will start getting some things into my store throughout the remainder of this month!!!

I was working on some cute acrylic frames with the words FATHER and DAD to put photos behind, but my trouble with the "jaggies" has got me a bit frustrated and I'm desperately trying to find out WHY I see them on EVERYTHING no matter whether it is mine or another designer's!!! CRAZY I tell ya! I've even thought that, perhaps, it's my video card! I shall be calling my tech when I get a few minutes and see if he can give me some insight as no one else seems to have a clue as to why this is happening to me. AND, it is not just in Photoshop that I see non-smooth edges. Weird, huh?

Below is the layout I had made using the "scrapatit" last year, which was just after Travis and Sofie had celebrated their first wedding anniversary! I thought the looks on the guy's faces went with a feeling of not being able to wait to change into their comfy clothes!!! He, he ...

Hope you find it useful! HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!

Love atcha,
Linda :-D

P.S. Have y'all ever had to cancel a party because the timing just wasn't right? LOL! Okay, I am not canceling, but postponing until I am finished with my projects with deadlines attached! *blush* I have a several things distract me from working on our party kit but just wish to know that it WILL make it's debut ASAP!

Rick, Travis, Robert Jr. and Andrew - Travis and Sofie's Wedding Day, June2, 2007
CREDITS: Layout created using my *Jeanealogy Of A Man* scrapkit. Photo taken by me!

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