>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi everyone!

Just a quickie late tonight to alert you to a VERY special FREEBIE from Snowsmoon's Design, who has created for us a LOVELY "scrapatit" using my *Love Lifted Me* scrapkit!!! Tonight she is offering the "scrapatit" for your downloading pleasure to be followed by the BEAUTIFUL cluster ribbon frame and SPECIAL word art in separate files (tomorrow I believe) so that y'all can enjoy using them as YOU wish on your layouts, cards or even altered crafts!

I am finally getting my sleeping habits back to norm and found myself in bed last night at 8:30 and up this morning at 7:30! I felt "refreshed" upon awakening and not sitting here in my computer chair and staring at the screen like a zombie!!! LOL! That is just PLAIN weird I tell you!

I am just about ready to retire for the night, which will put me in bed by 11:00!!! OMGosh! I've not seen bed this early in over a month! WOO HOO! I REALLY treasure my early mornings even though I was programmed at birth to be a night owl! HA, HA!

Have y'all heard about the clinical study done on a group of women recently? YUP, they had them ALL sleep for 8-9 hours a night for one or two weeks (I'm thinking it was two) and without changing anything else (no change in diet, no change in exercise), they ALL lost weight!!! One lady lost 15 pounds! The lease amount lost by a group member was 7 pounds! Can y'all believe that!!! I've been hearing reports for several years about HOW important it is for us to get proper sleep on a regular basis, but THIS report REALLY got my attention and, it makes sense!

SO, if any of y'all give it a go, please give me a report of your findings, okay? Hmmmm .... maybe we should get a group of us together and see what happens. Whatcha think? I'm game!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday y'all! I'm posting the link to Dawn's "scrapatit" directly beneath it's preview! I'm SO tickled that she created some goodies for us to enjoy, what a SWEETHEART she is, eh? Love you girlfriend, thank YOU! MWAH!

Much love,
Linda :-D

P.S. I am working on a little collaborative goody for you and hope to be sharing with you on Thursday, which just happens to be my birthday, however, I wish to be celebrating NUMEROUS June birthdays of some VERY special ladies that I have been scrapping/designing with for over four years! Stay-tuned ... *wink*

Isn't Javi just THE SWEETEST? He is one of Dawn's precious grandsons!

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