>> Monday, June 8, 2009

LOL! I know, I am going to wear this one out REAL fast, aren't I??? You should be a fly on the wall in our house. We play on words whenever the opportunity presents itself and that can sometimes be the makings of a marathon between Robert and I!!! I am witty, however, he is QUICK-WITTED and can catch me off-guard on occasion and have me screaming out, DOH!!! Ah, YAH! Just sinking in now babe!!! ROFL! That is because I usually have WAY too much going on in my head to begin with and it takes me a few minutes to start tracking with him as I have to give him my full, undivided attention!
SO, can we say SUMMER yet??? Kids are out of school? That constitutes summer now, doesn't it? YUP! Just got a phone call from Wyatt and Garret's mom saying they are ready to come and visit their dad and are in desperate need of haircuts! Robert is our resident barber and yes, I don't mind telling you, he even cuts my hair for me! LOL! Go figure! The man is TRULY a "Robert" of ALL trades! If it needs fixin', he DA man! LOL! You GO honey!

Okay, enough of my silliness. It's been a GORGEOUS day, right around 80 degrees with a LOVELY breeze coming through! My kind of weather!!!

How is YOUR weather? I know some of you have been dealing with tornado conditions and I think there is even some snow around back east somewhere! We have had a VERY cool Spring in comparison to the past decade or so. We live in a hot pocket (no, not the ones you pop into the microwave!) and the heat just tends to get trapped here and we spend the majority of our summer in triple digits! UGH! NOT my kind of weather!

Anyhoo, I was playing around with something else last night and got this idea in my head for a *Family Ties Epoxy Alpha*! It has a black background so it will POP on the the lighter-colored papers. Hope y'all like it and if anyone is making Father's Day cards with *My Favorite Guy* or special projects of any kind, I would sure LOVE to see them! I need some inspiration as I really need to get something going for Poppa.

While I am talking goodies, Dawn has a LOVELY little sampler that she has created using Charlies's NEWEST CU product! Click Dawn's preview below to be transported to her blog where you can pick up these DELICIOUS goodies as well as take a peek at Charlie's new CU collection while at an INTRODUCTORY price!!! Leave them some good 'ol SCRAPLAND lovin' for me!

Thank you SO much EVERYONE for SO much kindness and love!!! Ya know how to make a girl feel pretty darn special!!! MWAH and right back atcha!!!


Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

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