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Hi y'all!!!

I was going to wait and post in the morning, however, I am REALLY, REALLY hoping for an uneventful (that means NO distractions!) day so that I can design and get OUR party started!!! WOO HOO!!! Yah, you know, that MOST wonderful addiction of mine that I just LOVE sharing with y'all!!! ROFL! Today is my baby sister, Kathie's birthday as well as the REMARKABLE woman who is one of the biggest reasons I made it into the designing realm, Linda Wong-Mueller! THANK YOU Linda and hope you had a MOST joyful birthday with your PRECIOUS family darlin'! It is also our BIL, Paul's birthday!

Linda was head of Quality Assurance on the site where I began my digital addition and we often referred to Linda VERY affectionately as "eagle eye" as she saw stuff we were like OBLIVIOUS to in our designer beginnings!!! I learned the meaning of "Industry Standard" which taught us about proper lighting sources for beveling and shadowing to not cutting off patterns on our background papers if it was a repeating pattern and so on and so forth. MANY, MANY things for which I am EVER grateful. OH YES, and as Kim B refers to on occasion, STRAY PIXELS!!! I actually figured out how to check for those when I was reviewing an incoming designers kits after being told to be on the look out for stray pixels!!! ROFL! Laughing now as I hardly knew what a pixel was back then let alone a stray one!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!! A colleague of mine and I had the opportunity to take over for Linda while she was away on vacation for a month and let me tell you, I was a shakin' in my computer chair in the beginning and asked a LOT of questions!!! DEFINITELY the best education I received in regard to digital designing! As any of you who design, it is an on-going and never-ending education!!! ALWAYS something new coming down the pipe and, naturally, we want to jump onto the wave and ride it, eh? He, he ... UH, HUH!!!

I am going to make this portion of my post "fairly" brief and to the point with the inclusion of my personal opinion which I am not usually so blatant about, but this affects many of us designers that value our readers and who LOVE knowing who is reading us. Yes, I am talking about GOOGLE'S nifty and newest gadget that allows y'all to click on a FOLLOW button so that we bloggers can see your SWEET and LOVELY faces, which for me makes things even MORE personal than EVER before and REALLY allows me to feel connected to y'all! You know, kind fo like you sitting in the room with me whilst I am working! LOL! OMGosh, I'd NEVER get anything accomplished if that were for real, would I??? YAH, y'all know I'd NEVER shut up!!! LOL! *chuckle, chuckle*

Well, it seems that the NEW Internet Explorer Browser, version 8 does NOT like Google's little wonder that is HUGE to SO many of us and makes it difficult for those of you using IE8 to access our blogs.

This is where "my" personal opinion is coming in so please bear with me for a moment as to a relatively painless resolve for those having difficulty. It has been suggested that WE who use the Google gadget, FOLLOW, to remove it, however, my feeling is that the MAJORITY of us scrapbookers and designers are using Mozilla Firefox which is EXTREMELY blog-friendly and I've yet to EVER have a problem accessing anyone's blog.

My suggestion, firstly, is that Microsoft fix the problem on their end. I, personally, avoid Microsoft as much as possible as I was warned LONG ago (4+ years) by technical geeks aka geniuses that IE has A LOT of security leaks in it to begin with and I for one had a GREAT deal of trouble trying to man scrapbooking sites to downloading links in a chat room. It was suggested that I try Mozilla Firefox and I've NEVER gone back. NOW, I do still have IE installed, although I've not upgraded, in the event there is something that Firefox won't navigate, which is usually something Microsoft owned anyhoo. I use Firefox as my DEFAULT browser and IE will automatically kick in if the need be. So, actually, I feel I have the best of both worlds and have NEVER had any trouble getting anywhere I need to go.

You may wish to download Mozilla Firefox and even if you prefer IE, you can keep IE as your DEFAULT browser and say, for example, put a FF icon on your desktop that you can click on when you wish to go BLOG-HOPPING and to avoid the NOW, blog access difficulty due to IE8! It is NOT a Google problem y'all, it all points to IE8.

I am open to your feedback on this, but as I plan on using the Google FOLLOW gadget as a means of REWARDING my readers in the VERY near future, I, for one, do NOT wish to give it up.

Let me hear from you on this and if you have ANY questions at all, I shall be MOST happy to address them.

If you would like to give Mozilla Firefox a try, you may download their browser HERE for free! Thanks everyone! Oh, by the way, if you are reading this via Feed Burner and/or your Google Reader and cannot gain access to my blog, would you please shoot me an e-mail at: bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com. I would GREATLY appreciate hearing from you!

The past few days I've been keeping up with birthdays AND check this out, I've just been reunited with THREE first cousins, on my stepmother's side, that I've not seen or spoken with in OVER 30 years!!! I bumped into one on GENI and found that the three siblings were ALL on Facebook too so we've all now connected! On an even MORE phenomenal note is that one of my cousins (the last one that I ever saw) lives in the Knoxville, Tennessee which is where Robert and I will be flying into the end of August when we go to visit and meet our NEW and FIRST granddaughter who was born this past January. I am just about to BUST y'all and I am SO hoping that we can at least say "HI" to one another!!! Just when I think my life could NOT be any fuller, SURPRISE!!! LOL! I have had two other connections over the past two months with a first cousin and a cousin, once-removed neither of whom I have EVER met or spoken with prior!!! I just LOVE me some Internet y'all and I LOVE me some YOU!!!

See you soon ...

Linda :-D

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