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Nancy, my sweet friend from CT, you are EXACTLY on the money girlfriend! You don't know how much I've thought about YOU and others with Lupus as I am really realizing how weakened the immune system is and YES, that IS what happened to our Elise. She picked something up in Mexico and her body was not able to fight it.

Robert spoke with his brother yesterday morning and you just KNOW that no matter HOW hard you try to keep it together, when you hear the person's voice or see their face, the flood gates open wide! In one breath, Robert spoke his brother's name and the next he burst into tears.

Elise's body will arrive her in the US on Tuesday and they are thinking Friday for her service. We just found out a bit ago via one of Robert's younger sisters that Elise passed away in her mother's arms. As a mother and as most of you are, I see this two ways -VERY emotional and traumatic for Elise's mama, yet VERY comforting for Elise. The two have always been VERY, VERY close. Robert told his sister that God took Elise home because he needed another angel! He also brought to my attention that if Elise's funeral is indeed on Friday, it will be the same date that his mother passed away in 2000.

When I came in to check my blog today, I read through each and every comment and became VERY tearful about halfway through as I am, once again, reminded what a MOST incredible place SCRAPLAND is and just HOW many loving and caring people reside here! Hey, we really do ya know - reside here! It's almost like Alice stepping though the looking glass into WONDERLAND. I sit down every day and look through my computer screen into SCRAPLAND and admire ALL of the GORGEOUS people that visit each day! ROFL! No MADHATTER, just a bunch of MADSCRAPPERS!!! LOL! See, I am laughing .... good to do as much of it as possible in these situations ya know. As one of you have shared with me the loss of two of your own children at MUCH younger ages, laughter does help us to get through and to carry on. It TRULY is the best medicine!

Thank you SO very much for sharing your OWN stories, for your kind words, wisdom, thoughts and prayers. The trauma for Elise's mom is above and beyond the loss of her eldest daughter, we have also been informed that Elise was in the company of not only her mom and her mom's husband, but also her grandparents and an aunt, possibly more. Anyhoo, I am hoping and praying for all to be quickly reunited. It was reported to us that ONLY Elise and her mom were returned to Mexico and that the rest of the family had to stay on the boat headed for San Diego. This leaves Mom all alone (physically!) and in a country whose language she does not speak. Word has it that just as soon as the boat reaches land, Mom's husband is on a plane back to Mexico. I SO hope and pray that ALL goes smoothly from there.

Today, I have a little add-on for you to my contribution to the *Forever Mine* blog train. I have searched and searched to find who it was that had asked about the heart-punched and scalloped matte that I used in the preview and I've not been able to find it. Anyhoo, I am not giving it to you in it's glittered state but in a more neutral state so that you can easily recolor it or cover it with a paper of your choosing OR you can add your own glitter style! Some of these are pieces I had leftover when creating my portion of the train!

I've also had a request for how to "cut" photos to fit into the acrylic word frames that I've been posting for y'all. I have a deadline to meet this weekend so I will put together a little tutorial for y'all the beginning of the week and post it here for you. I had thought about putting the templates in with the frames and did not only because I had not had time to write up instructions on how to use them! So, I shall try to accomplish both tasks, however, in the tutorial I will show you how to make you own templates so that you can do so from ANY frame! This will be for Photoshop/PSE but may be adaptable to other programs if you have layer capabilities. How does that sound? Raise those hands my darlins'! He, he ...

*If reading what I've written seems pieced together, it has been - *smile* I started this last night, but was not feeling well so I started again this morning! As you can see, it is now early evening my time and I'm just finishing up! I've had some digestive issues and can't help but think they may have been kicked off by the news of Elise's passing. I have to keep my stress levels at bay as they affect my digestive system something horrible! I can only sit so long and then I HAVE to get up and move around! Please forgive me if I sound scattered as I simply am struggling to focus today.

Have a MOST beautiful weekend ahead y'all and thank you for visiting me and being your WONDERFUL selves! MWAH!

Lots of LOVE and a GREAT big hug,
Linda :)

P.S. How are y'all liking the NEW file sharing site via Digital Candy? Pretty cool, eh? Thank you SO much for leaving comments here on my blog - y'all ROCK ... and then SOME! XOXO

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