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Hello everyone!

It really is AMAZING how everything is balanced. I know we strive to keep our lives in balance, but if you really think about it, they are as we are on a path of learning throughout our lifetime and part of that is striving to keep ourselves on an even keel. I always think about the "earth" on it's "axis" and how PERFECTLY balanced it was designed by our Creator. We have night and day, right and left, up and down and so on and so forth!

How did this all come about you might ask? Well, my thoughts at the moment are that while our family will be grieving the loss of a loved one, we shall also be celebrating her life and the time we had with her and also rejoicing that she is in a MUCH better place now!

I will also be sharing a SPECIAL birthday celebration with y'all as well as a final update on Elise and her return home. While at first I thought not to mix the two, again, I find balance in sharing both and I know that my BFF is grieving with me. *sigh*

Today is my BFF's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND!!! Dawn (Snowsmoon's Design) and I, after four years of friendship that began here in the digital scrapbooking community, have yet to meet in person, however, she is as close to me as a sister if not even more so! So, I have created a little layout that brings the two of us together in HEART and while I did not have the time I would like to for it to really look like we are sharing a photo together, I shall redo it for you girlfriend (I just received Joan's oringinal-sized wedding photos on DVD) and then send you the full-size image for printing if you choose to do so! I am going to print a copy for myself and frame it!!! You ARE part of our family now, remember? LOL! Love ya girlie and I hope your day is FULL of LOVE and LAUGHTER and ALL things GOOD sweetie!

If y'all happen to get curious and look at the layout close up, I will tell you now that Dawn's photo is from a full-size image and mine is from a web-sized image so mine will look horribly pixelated! It doesn't look too bad viewing from afar *giggle*

I am awaiting a newspaper clipping that one of Robert's employee's brought to him this morning as I wish to use it in a memorial layout for Elise and to share with the family. WOW! This just reminded me of a memorial layout I did for Robert's mother to give to all of his siblings and some extended family. I hadn't known him very long at the time and this was before I found digital scrapbooking online! Yeah, you know, back in the dinosaur ages! ROFL! It really seems SO very long ago now, but it was about seven years ago I believe. Anyhoo, I love to write poetry and for me it comes in seasons. I've been a VERY dry season for a long time now, but I know it shall return to me in it's proper timing! *smile* I will have to share the layout with y'all sometime.

Right before beginning this post, I had just received the, hopefully, final family update on Elise and her return to the US. They have had to change arrangements on this end a few times already, but we are hoping this to be the last as Elise is due back in the US her mom and mom's husband this evening. Services will be held tomorrow, which as I've mentioned in a previous post is also the anniversary of the passing of Elise's grandmother, Robert's mother.

There is one other interesting fact that has been noted in the last update. Elise is arriving on flight #976. Her younger sister and only sibling realized that there was GREAT significance to those three numbers. (9) - Elise was born on the ninth day of June. (7) - Lucky "7" was Elise's favorite number. (6) - Elise passed away on the 6th day of February. It was noted that this was a sign to the family that all should go smoothly from this point on. I stand with that!

Thank you ALL again for the continuing thoughts and prayers. You just HAVE to know they help and Sarah, I admire the fact that you help counsel those who are grieving a loss. Having a support system is SO important in getting through any traumatic situation whether it be family, friends, church, a support group or some where positive to plug into. No one should ever have to go through grieving alone, although I know there are those who find it necessary for a time. As I always tell my family, LOVE heals and I believe that with EVERY beat of my heart.

If y'all would like to join me in wishing Dawn, Snowsmoon's Design, a VERY "Happy Birthday", join me over HERE on her blog and let's leave her some GOOD 'ol SCRAPLAND lovin'!!!

I most likely will not post tomorrow unless we arrive home at a fairly early hour tomorrow night. I wish you ALL a FABULOUS weekend and I hope you enjoy the small gift I am sharing with y'all today in celebration of my BFF's birthday!!!

Much love,
Linda *hearts*

Dawn and I have shared the depths of our souls to one another and she has
gently, yet firmly helped to bring me into balance and I'm still working on
that as I mentioned above. It TRULY is a life's work and I have been blessed
beyond measure and my BFF is a gift from God that I've waited
half a century
for! Well, Robert is my best friend too, but you just know
there is a different
dynamic to a "girlfriend", eh? LOL! Thank you for
ALWAYS being there for me
sweetie and GIRLFRIEND ...

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