>> Friday, February 20, 2009

I am VERY, VERY tired tonight and this being my first day back on the computer in about five days, I have SO much to catch up on and SO much to share, however, I shall have to wait for the next post or two while I get things sorted on my end and am feeling up to sitting here at the computer for a longer length of time!

I, again, wish to thank you ALL for your LOVE, comfort, support, poems, shares, thoughts, well-wishes and prayers during this difficult time of family loss. I simply cannot put into words ALL that I feel, so I hope you know that I've been thinking about y'all every day while away from Scrapland as I leave you with a slightly "belated" Valentine's Day gift simply titled, *Love Is*!

Y'all can fill in the blank!

Here is one from me - LOVE IS .... ALL of my VERY, VERY dear and sweet digi-sisters in Scrapland who come to the aide of their fellow digi-sisters in a special time of need. MWAH!

Hopefully I will see you tomorrow after my doctor's appointment so I can fill in a few more blanks for y'all!!! LOL! He, he ... YES, I am still laughing! *wink*


Love and hugs,

P.S. To those of you who have left messages for me to come and collect an award, I am MOST honored and EVER grateful and ask that you please be patient with as I try to visit each one of you. If I have missed you present or past, please accept my apology as it is sometimes an oversight on my part. I do have some urgent matters to attend to that will take up quite a bit of time the remainder of this month. Thank you for your understanding! *smile*

You will also find TWO download links - one for the CANDY JAR if you are able to successfully download and like it LIGHTNING FAST! The second is via 4-SHARED for those unable to do so via the Candy Jar.

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