>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How is everyone??? I was supposed to leave you with a goody yesterday from my dear friend and CT member, Carole Nordyke and we discovered a little glitch that was on one of the elements, so we determined it not to be an A-1 item and will work with my new kit instead as the "scrapatit" was made with *Forever Mine*!

Is anyone experiencing any trouble with my feed? Just asking because ME, the one who is ALWAYS a day late, dollar short and THE LAST to know, just found out that GOOGLE purchased Feed Burner, so I just transferred my feed to Google last night and am curious to see if all went smoothly! He, he ...

I shall be back after while with Part Three of *Love Is* and I am REALLY hoping to find my newspaper clippings from when I was 17 to share with y'all! I actually have quite a lot of them and am trying to remember where I put my manilla envelope of nostalgia!!! I tend to move things around thinking that I am going to work with them or hide them away if I don't think I will for a long time. Just need a few moments of QUIET time to THINK, THINK, THINK! Hmmm ... you figure that possible??? ROFL! *wink*

I am anxiously awaiting some new layouts in the guestbook y'all!!! Anyone scrapped with *Forever Mine* yet and wish to feed my HUNGRY EYES with your masterpieces??? Ahhhh, come one, you KNOW you do!!! LOL! PLEEEEEEASE!!! You guys inspire me when I see what you do with my designs and it helps me a lot to know if I've overlooked something and what types of elements get used most often! You know, supply and demand! Or is that DEMAND and SUPPLY? *giggle, smile*

I am working on a VERY, VERY special project at the moment! You know how sometimes things just drop out of the sky and land on you??? Well, something has and I am VERY excited!

Have a LOVELY evening, night and/or morning and I'll be back in a few hours to post tonight's goody!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

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