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He, he ... Hi y'all!!! I've been quiet the past couple of days! Okay, be nice! ROFL! I've got a few things to catch you up on and then I'm taking the bull by the horns! I'll let y'all guess who or what the "bull" is! LOL!

Firstly, Robert's oldest son and his name sake, is in the hospital. Without going on and on and on, which we ALL know I can do VERY easily, I will tell you that he is doing okay. Robert Jr. was HORRIBLY misdiagnosed with ulcers, put on antacids and was in SO much pain last Thursday that he had to pull off to the side of the road, call his younger brother who works for the same company, to come and pick him up and take him to the ER.

Turns out, Robert Jr. had a highly infected gall bladder that had caused for elevated liver enzymes and they had to get that under control before operating to remove the gall bladder. Robert Jr. just celebrated his 30th birthday the one month ago today, bless his heart.

Anyhoo, they are keeping him 4-6 days to make sure there is no infection. They ended up having to do the full procedure for removal because the gall bladder had literally fallen apart. It was in VERY bad shape and they are watching him closely to make sure his liver is okay and has not suffered damage due to the toxicity of the gall bladder.

This is ALL speaking to me VERY loudly as I DO have gallstones but I've never had a serious attack, however it does bother me from time-to-time and I shall surely not ignore it if it ever becomes extremely uncomfortable or painful. My mother has had her's removed, so I figure somewhere along the line I may need to as well, although I do take pride in the fact that to this date, I still have all the organs I was born with! :)

What REALLY boggles my mind is that TWO doctors determined that his young man had ulcers when he tested negative for Helicobater Pylori, which is the root cause of peptic ulcers and he had spent an entire night in severe pain with continuous vomiting for nearly 24 hours! HELLO!!! Even I would say, hey, I think it's your gall bladder! Even Robert Jr. had started doing his own research, sheesh!

So, we now have dear son number one recovering in the hospital and another family member is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. I also have a SIL on my side who is battling her third round of breast cancer. When I say "it's pouring", I'm not kidding. SO, I bring out my BIG umbrella!!!

My VERY dear and LONG-TIME friend and now CT member, Carole Nordyke, has created a set of four Valentine's Day cards for us using *Love Me Tender*. Thank you Carole, they are VERY lovely and will come in VERY handy for this girl! NO thanks to me y'all, but you can leave some Scrapland lovin' right here for Ms. Carole! She is just the sweetest and one of the CRAFTIEST ladies I know! We all used to refer to Carole as the CRAFT QUEEN at 3Scrapateers!

Tonight, you will receive the first two cards and I will post the final two tomorrow. Carole also has a BEAUTIFUL scrapatit for us, which I will post by week's end as I still need to post the *YOU* acrylic frames and some hangers! LOL! We'll just have to wait and see which comes first!

In the midst of this, I am working on getting my store set up at Digital Candy!!! YES! I am NOW officially a CANDY GIRL - WOO HOO! They are already CELEBRATING their RE-GRAND OPENING and I'd LOVE for you to take a trip on over and check it out. I will be making some changes on my blog throughout the week so as to keep you informed as to what is happening in Candyland here in Scrapland! There will be some AWESOME challenges in the forum, there is a raffle going on for a $50 certificate to the DC store AND right now through this Saturday, February 7th, EVERYTHING in the Digital Candy store is 30% off! That's right, 30% will be subtracted from everything in your cart at checkout! WOO HOO! This girl just LOVES a GOOD sale and you can bet I'll be doing a little shopping of my own! I've already made a list even! Check out the store HERE. The new owners, Rick and Kate are AWESOME and they are SO passionate about Digital Candy and scrapbooking that they have had their Bronco detailed!!! You can see photos HERE! WAY too sweet!

If you are not already a member, it takes just a few minutes to register and then you can check out the forum HERE to see ALL of the FABULOUS challenges happening throughout this week, SWEET WEEK! Oh, come on now, y'all just KNOW that a dose of DIGITAL CANDY is GOOD for the SCRAPPER'S sweet tooth!!! YUM, YUM, YUMMY YUM! You'll just LOVE a trip to the NEW candy shoppe!!! Are you singing yet??? :)

I am MOST honored to be working along side of some INCREDIBLE designers and I will be posting a blog roll with each of them listed so we can keep tabs on their freebies and sales as well!

Wishing you ALL a MOST wonderful Wednesday and I thank you ALL for the LOVELY and MOST generous comments on the *Forever Mine* Blog Train!!! I shall be off to collect all of mine over the weekend and, hopefully, I won't get derailed!!! ROFL! He, he ...

Much love,
Linda *hearts*

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