>> Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, it is REALLY raining here in California today and most all of us know it has been desperately needed, however, I think I've cried MORE tears than I've seen raindrops today.

Thank you for the uplifting and positive comments in regards to the successful outcomes of both family surgeries this past week. I was SO lighthearted, upbeat and EVER thankful this morning! I watched a touching set of events on the television that was left on when the guys left for work this morning. I shed tears, but they were tears of joy while watching some incredible acts of humanity.

I then called my BFF, Dawn, before getting started with my day on the computer. We touched on a variety of subjects and then the last part of our conversation was about our children. Not long after we said our good-bye's, I called Robert at work to ask him a question. After our conversation ended, I was just settling down to start work on the computer when he called me back but rather than from his office phone, he was calling from his cell phone. Mind you, Robert is a practical joker and has been known to impersonate other people and such to throw me off, so the first thing I asked him was where he was? He was in his office. Why are you calling on your cell phone? I have some VERY sad news. I knew he was being serious. I could hear it in his voice - a slight quivering.

Elise passed away this morning. What? NO! We both cried together. Elise, our SUNSHINE girl, Robert's older brother's oldest of two children. Elise was a tower of strength and a great source of inspiration for the entire family. We watched her go through experimental and aggressive treatment for Lupus, which she was diagnosed with at age 17. She was told there was a risk of her not surviving them. She not only agreed to being a guinea pig, she survived them all! Several years ago Elise was diagnosed with cervical cancer and, again, she fought and survived after finding the "right" doctor.

Elise ALWAYS had a BIG smile on her face. Hi Uncle! Hi Auntie! How are you? I could go on and on y'all. This was a young lady who not let you feel sorry for in the least. In fact, I just mentioned to a designer friend that when engaged in conversation with her, you'd think you were the one with the illness! Elise was a sharp cookie - intelligent, humerous, well-spoken, wise for her years, sweet, LOVING and SO accepting of everyone. Without having ever met Robert's mother, Elise is very much like her in the way she treated others. Robert's mother NEVER turned anyone away, neither would Elise.

A VERY tight family. Elise was the first born amongst Robert and his siblings, Poppa's first grandchild. My heart grieves and my thoughts and prayers are with the entire family as some of them gather together tonight.

Elise, as far as I understand, did not pass away from complications of her already established illnesses, but from her visit to Mexico with her mom and her mom's husband. Things are still a bit sketchy but they were trying to transport her by boat to a hospital in San Diego and she did not make it. Apparently, she just became ill. At this time, they are working on getting her transported back here to Northern California and I am sure they will have to go through certain procedures before being able to do so. I pray all goes smoothly.

Elise NEVER complained. How many times we would discuss her incredible strength and how it left us with no room to.

I believe we all have an appointed time, however, it does not make the grieving process any less painful for those left behind. It is the everydayness of life that becomes different and difficult with the loss of a loved one I believe, especially for those closest. The routine things such as "I love you's", phone calls, laughter, shopping trips, hugs, dinners, vacations ....

Elise, you shall be missed terribly sweetheart. We know you are in a much better place and at peace baby girl. We love you Sunshine!

Thank you for letting me share with y'all. I've learned as I've gotten older and have been through some of my life experiences that talking about things helps so much in the healing process.

Today, is Go Red For Women. I am a survivor and have a story to tell. After the news this morning, I never made it in to don my red shirt or to copy and paste my story. I just couldn't do it today. I will share another time.

I have another GOODY for y'all from Ms. Carole. She has made a "scrapatit" for you, again, from *Love Me Tender*! Today, Carole and her husband, Harold, celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY once again girlfriend! XOXO

Give someone you love an extra squishy hug this weekend ... I am leaving one for y'all!

Much love,

Linda :)

Tink - I am SO happy to hear that Scamp does NOT have meningitis. Did they ever figure out what was going on with him?

Lucy - I will look that potion up for the gallbladder, thank you. Before I had an abdominal ultrasound to discover that I, indeed, do have gallstones, I had found one in my book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing that consisted of extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pretty close, eh? I do know that there are also gallbladder cleanses out and about as well.

P.S. I am using a different file sharing resource tonight and for the VERY first time! Rick, half of the new ownership of Digital Candy has installed something new called the CANDY JAR! We can upload and store our files there just like on 4-shared. Now, my understanding is that this is available to anyone, so I will work on getting you some info and posting in a subsequent post! Sound exciting? WOO HOO! Let me know how the downloading goes for you. The uploading was INCREDIBLY fast! I was uploading at over 1 MB/sec! WOOOOSH ... went to reheat my coffee and it was finished when I returned! Now, there is no place to leave comments and as soon as you click on the link, a download window appears. I figure in the time saved by not having to wait for 4-shared's countdown, y'all can leave me a comment right here on my blog! *wink* Y'all just have to know that your LOVE and KIND words fuel my MOJO, right? Uh, huh! MWAH!

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