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some EXCITING news and some SAD news! Once again, BALANCE. Quite AMAZING how all of that works!

My VERY dear, dear friend "T", owner of ONE SINGLE SEED and preparing for it's GRAND OPENING (site formerly known as Treasures To Scrap where I have PROUDLY hung my designer cap in the past) next month has shared some VERY, VERY exciting and MIRACULOUS news with me (she has posted on her blog too!).

Some of you may remember back last year, almost a year now, when I blogged about Tracy's SIL, Trevor who was VERY, VERY ill and in need of a kidney and pancreas transplant. I hosted a slideshow of layouts LOVINGLY created using the FABULOUS charity kit created by TTS designers and friends and would ALWAYS check Tracy's blog for updates on how Trevor was doing and just hoped and prayed his needs would be met and then one AWSOME day, Tracy IM'd me and told me the MIRACULOUS news about how Trevor was supposed to have been removed from the transplant list due to hospital politics, but that the nurse in charge of doing so, DID NOT, so that when Trevor got real bad again and measured up to their criteria once again, he was at the TOP of the list and received his transplant and has been recovering nicely ever since!

So, what's the EXCITING news you ask? After being told by doctors that he would most likely NEVER be able to produce children due to his diabetes and surgeries, he and his wife, "T's" daughter, Savana are PREGNANT!!!! WOO HOO!!! Is that not just the kind of news we ALL love to hear??? It surely is! I am SOOOOO very happy for the ENTIRE family!

'T', I hope I explained everything accurately as I'm going by memory and we know how that goes at this stage of my life!!! LOL! Correct me if I boofed, K? I love you girlie! Follow me on over to Tracy's blog y'all and help me in congratulating her and the family for this MOST incredible news!!!

Balance. That means that with the happy news comes some sad news and blogging about it right now is allowing me to cleanse it from my system. This is my FIRSTEVER bittersweet moment in my nearly 55 years of life. Truth.

On the VERY same day that Tracy announces she is going to be a Grandma and only hours later in the day, my precious baby girl, Joan, whom I had just told you I would be updating you on as to when she and Travis would be expecting their first baby, is no longer pregnant. :(

My sweet baby girl was handling this in a different manner than most of us who shout from the mountain tops, "I'm PREGNANT", just as soon as we find out, however, in speaking with her tonight, I really feel that she instinctively knew that something was not right as she kept telling me that she was not going to make a BIG announcement until she had her first ultrasound and saw the baby. Well, bless her precious heart, she just had her first ultrasound and there was no fetus found. My heart just broke for the both of them. Joan never even so much as quivered while speaking with me and then I started crying and felt bad as I did not wish to get her started. She told me that she had already had several good cries and that she is at peace and it simply was not meant-to-be at this time. She was being so stoic and she explained to me that it was Travis who really took it hard as he had NEVER once prepared himself for this kind of outcome, where Joan had. There's the balance again. ALL things for a purpose.

Joan called me right after she arrived home from the hospital where she underwent a D & C and was feeling NO pain! I wish I could have been there to wrap my arms around her but she has such an INCREDIBLE husband who is doing a MOST wonderful job of supporting her. She said that they will take it day-by-day, which is all one can do. My daughter, age 29, is wise beyond her years, as is her older sister. They both AMAZE me. I told Joan that she has such understanding SO much earlier than I ever did. But then, we were raised differently and I think that accounts for a lot of it!

Things have certainly changed as the doctor told them to wait a good month and then they can start trying again! WOW! It used to be a good six months or so, didn't it? AMAZING the progress we've made.

And what day is it? It's FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! LOL! I know, I don't say that much anymore because I give away freebies on most any day of the week, eh? He, he ...

I hope y'all have a VERY nice and laid back weekend. Any EXCITING plans??? Anyone going away for the weekend? Starting a NEW project? Finishing one up? Spring is just around the corner and then it will be time for us on this side of the globe to start working in our gardens, mowing the grass, pulling weeds and some good 'ol SPRING CLEANING around the house!

Spring cleaning! Now that reminds me, my SWEET friend, TINK, has me HOOKED on her daily blog prompts and if you would like something to provoke your thoughts or if you'd like something new and interesting to discuss on your blog, you've just GOT TO check out Tink's corner of the blogging world! Not only does she prompt, she creates at least a layout a day and she so TOTALLY inspires me! You can visit Tink HERE. And yes, Tink is short for Tinkerbell. Check out her family as well. I think you'll find the entire cast of Peter Pan! I LOVE IT and I LOVE y'all and best say good day so I can get my current projects finished, which includes a SHIMMERIN' kit to put into my store at Digital Candy! WOO HOO! Might it be the LUCK 'O the IRISH! Hmmmmm ....

*Love Is*, Part Four is here and I've, once again, posted two links. I failed to do so for Part Three as I was overly tired and scrambling to get 'er done before my head hit the keyboard! *wink* ENJOY! I have one more part and an alpha coming for you to finish off your Valentine's treat and starting Monday, I shall be posting the first part of my VERY first one-on-one COLLABORATION with my BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design!!! I am SO excited and we are doing this a little bit differently than most as Dawn has created ALL of the GORGEOUS papers and I will be supplying ALL of the embellishments! Stay-tuned ....


Linda :)

P.S. I have noticed the past two days that GOOGLE/FEEDBURNER has been sending y'all OLD feed. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if this continues to be an issue so that I can contact them. I've noticed they've been in making changes as the FOLLOW MY BLOG now has a border and some other goodies added to it. Guess I need to make sure to go in and read any updates they have for us so that I am privy to the goings on! :) Anyhoo, thank you to those who send me e-mails with suggestions to combat my computer woes of a month ago! I could not believe my eyes when I had not one, not two, but several e-mails replying to my old feed that was actually sent out YESTERDAY! OMGosh! He, he ...

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