>> Thursday, February 12, 2009

I thought it best to add this as an extra post since many of you, like me, follow a blog roll and follow up on someone's newest post.

I have just read through some of the additional comments on my last post and have noticed that a few of you have not been able to download from the new CANDY JAR at Digital Candy.

I will try my best to come back in and post a 4-shared link for those of you who are having difficulty and in the future I shall post two links, one for 4-shared and one for the Candy Jar until I can ask Rick at DC if he might know why a few of you are not able to download.

ASTRID - I have used Firefox FOREVER (not exaggerating) and have NEVER had downloading issues. That is actually why I converted to Firefox when beginning my adventures in SCRAPLAND. I could never download freebies from our chatroom and some one enlightened me to Firefox and we've been a team ever since. I might ask if you have updated to the most recent version? I've had a few updates come through over the past couple of months and having had a bit of an issue with them a while back, I went to their website and downloaded the newest version which I did not have. WHOA! I could NOT believe the difference in the speed of my downloads.

Or, could it possibly be a firewall or securtiy issue with a new site?

Anyhoo, just a thought! If you don't see it posted in a day or two, please HOLLER at me as I get sidetracked REAL easy these days and can completely forget what I sat down her eto do in the blink of an eye if pulled away!!! That's a whole NUTHER story! ROFL! *wink*

Linda :)

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