>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LOL! Still RHYMIN' this time! I am SOOOO tuckered out y'all and I cannot believe that I am getting this posted ten hours later than I anticipated, but I am HERE! WOO HOO!

Just because my kiddos are ALL grown up now and 5/6th's of them are out of the nest, does NOT mean I am NO longer needed, eh? ROFL! I have actually spoken with five out of six of my children today and I have physically seen three of them!!! Yes, I am VERY blessed AND tired!!! LOL! I shall sleep EXTRA good this morning! *wink*

Luke brought his co-worker and VERY good friend over for me to put MP3 files onto their new cell phones and now I am wanting one!!! LOL! I don't travel about enough to really validate my reason for wishing one and the extra expenditure, BUT ... I would sure LOVE to keep up-to-date with the NEW technology!!! He, he ... I will be able to jump on board my son's family plan with two of his brothers and his friend! WAY COOL!

I actually spoke with Joan, daughter number two, via Luke while working on synching their music via Windows Media Center. I could hear her (no speaker phone!) conversation with Luke and she was returning my call from earlier in the day. I just had to share a few things I heard on the afternoon showing of "The Doctors" (any of y'all ever watch this show?) about foods and drinks to avoid while pregnant. Well, of course, this is the girl I raised with the rest of my brood on healthy food and drink and she is already ALL read up on the yays and nays while pregnant! ROFL! I shall be updating y'all on a due date, etc. after she goes in for her first ultrasound in the next couple of weeks if memory is serving me correctly! *smile* I am SOOOO excited!!!

Gosh, I am just SO far behind with y'all! Master Kaleb started walking about three and a half weeks ago, sweet babe! Oh my, NO, he cannot! He is too little and once they start walking, there is NO stopping them and then you turn around, blink your eyes a few times and they are graduating from high school! *sigh* I am hoping to see him next week when his daddy brings him down for a Grandma visit. *BIG GRIN* He just turned ten months on the 7th and Mark says he loves to run to and fro and he SO loves his Dada and Mama!!! Oh, AND how dare me neglect to mention Brody!

Mark stopped by after work later tonight to pick up his video camera, pick up some mail and to show us his NEW puppy and his NEW car! WOW! I'm telling you, TOO much excitement for THIS girl today, but I've LOVED every moment of it!

I am posting a photo of Mark, Jessica and Kaleb's NEW baby. His name is Brody, he is seven weeks old and he is a registered Australian Shepherd and just as CUTE and SWEET as can be. I had a ball watching him interact with our Chloe girl (Golden Retriever) and two of our indoor cats! Brody LOVES people but he is shy around other animals - TOO SWEET!

And they call it, puppy love .... I just snapped these photos a few hours ago!

Isn't Brody SOOOO cute! Look at those BIG paws!!! I just ADORE his coloring!

Our Chloe girl watching after Brody! She is PURE love, but Brody being new to the world,
isn't quite sure what to make of his own kind! ROFL! I just LOVE him up! *smile*

And then ... the NEW used car ... a Subaru Forester (I forgot what year already as I was TOO busy enjoying Brody! LOL!). The Subaru is considered the Mercedes of the Foothills as A LOT of people have them as they are ALL-WHEEL drive and handle the roads SO well. I have had two of them and would snag another in a heart beat if the opportunity presented itself!

WOW! SHEESH! I guess I've updated you and then some, eh? Actually, that is ALL from today, so I still have catching up to do! Will I EVER be caught up??? Any wagers out there??? ROFL!

Oh, my oldest son, Matt called while Mark was here visiting wishing to know if he could simmer REAL potpourri on the stove! LOL! I ended up sending Mark off with two of my BIG pillar candles, some potpourri and two bottles of potpourri oils to freshen the shavings up a bit! Their landlord is coming by today to show someone the home. I SO hope my boys DO NOT have to move! It is a VERY nice house and conveniently located for them to be able to walk if need be.

Okay, my eyelids are HEAVY and they are closing whether I wish them to or not, so I shall bid you good night and I wish EVERYONE an AWESOME day tomorrow.

HAPPY SCRAPPING my sweets!!!

Love and hugs and back with more tomorrow or Friday,
Linda :)

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