>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi y'all!

I've been busy putting out little fires here and there and learning my way around my new digs at Digital Candy! But before I talk about anything else, I wish to give you a couple of updates on our family surgeries!

Thank you SOOOOOO, SOOOOO much for ALL of YOUR well-wishes, thoughts and prayers. Y'all ALWAYS knock my socks off with your LOVE and KINDNESS!

Robert Jr. arrived home YESTERDAY from the hospital and is progressing nicely! He is to take six weeks for recovery. No heavy lifting, etc. Y'all know that routine! Same, same as anyone who has either had the 'ol school gallbladder surgery OR a C-section! Tender, tender, TENDER!!! Well, I can ONLY imagine as I've not had either, but from watching all of the Dr. G, TLC and Discovery shows - OUCH!

I just got word that the other family surgery, which I was not specific about for privacy reasons, went VERY well today. This is another SIL who was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and her lumpectomy showed NO cancer in the lymph nodes so we are ALL, of course, doin' a HAPPY DANCE!!! WOO HOO!!! I am SO ever thankful for ALL of the GOOD reports! I've just put my BIG umbrella away for today! *big, BIG smile*

This evening I have two more Valentine's Day cards for you created by my dear friend, Carole! Of course, these are made with my *Love Me Tender* scrapkit, which is on sale through Saturday at my NEW store at Digital Candy for 30% off the regular price!!!

I'd like to thank ALL of you who have recently uploaded layouts and/or cards to the guestbook! Oh, such GLORIOUS eye candy for me to behold each day I log on! WOO HOO!

Danyale - I shall reply to your e-mail ASAP, but just letting you know I got it girl and thank you SO very much!!! MWAH!

HAPPY, HAPPY y'all!!!

Linda :)

Most of you snagged *Love Me Tender* while posted here on my blog for FREE, but if you happen to have missed it, you can still grab it for a GOOD price HERE!
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