>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are y'all still PAR-TAYING here in SCRAPLAND??? PHEW! My virtual TOOTSIES are tired from doing the BLOGGIN' HIP-HOP, but they shall be getting some rest as we are due to hit the road in just a few hours!!! *wink* I was only able to download a few, but believe me, I SHALL be "par-taying on" when I return!!!

YES, I am VERY excited about our meeting, Riley, grandson #3, who is 15 months old! I shall, of course, share photos next week when we return and I've settled back in!

This reminds me. I had mentioned that I would start sharing my REUNION story with my birth mother today, but was NOT thinking (obviously!) that I had the *Fall Splendor* Blog Party AND the Treasures To Scrap October Treasure Chest in the works and THEN would be leaving for four days!!! WOW! Was that an oversight, or WHAT? ROFL!

Anyhoo, I will keep you posted as to when I shall start sharing my story as I would like to have a few props prepared in helping to tell it!
Meanwhile, make sure to catch Troy Dunn's NEW reunions debuting this Saturday on WE-tv!!! I still need to post links on my sidebar, but will have to wait until next week to do so. When I do share my story, you will REALLY understand "why" I am SO passionate about what *THE LOCATOR* is doing and am a REAL fan!!!

This is a bit late in coming, but I would like to SHOUT out a BELATED and HEARTFELT ... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Sharon aka Scrapcat4914!!! Sharon was CELEBRATING a party of her own as we launched the blog party yesterday, October 1st! We LOVE you Sharon and I shall have a "belated" birthday gift for you sweetheart!

MOST of you know Sharon QUITE well, but those who don't, she is a RAY OF SUNSHINE daily on MANY a blog (and usually the FIRST to post!) with her INFECTIOUS upbeat attitude even when she is not feeling so good. Sharon has just become a FIRST-TIME grandma to ADORABLE Kayla Elizabeth and, well, you will just have to go on over and check her out yourselves. Click HERE to leave Sharon a birthday wish and congratulations on her NEW granddaughter! SCRAPLAND would not be the same without YOU Sharon! Thank you for ALL of your support and encouragement - it is GREATLY appreciated!!!

I was over visiting Mrs. Miles (Barb Derksen aka Olivia Dorazio) and saw that her GOOD friend, Gina, has just opened up an ETSY STORE and is selling some of her DELIGHTFUL handmade goodies! Now, I am a REAL sucker for UNIQUE, HANDMADE items and I think you will be QUITE impressed with the CRAFTY TEA LADY'S sweet creations!!! Give her a peek and let me know what you think. Those ADORABLE crocheted hats are TO LIVE FOR!!! Gina is still working on adding to her store, so make sure to check back as we ALL know it takes a bit of time to "set up shop", eh? Her AMAZING talent shall make for some WONDERFUL Christmas presents and we can all get an EARLY start to boot!!! Perhaps I shall even bump into you there! He, he ... Update: I've just been by Gina's store to copy and past the link for y'all and the girl is making sales already!!! WOO HOO - check her out!

I almost forgot, Barb has a SWEET download for you too in CELEBRATION of Gina's NEW "Etsy" store - look HERE!

One more share before I leave you. On one of my visits out and about in SCRAPLAND, I came across a post about a scrapper named, "SCRUBBIE"! Well, OF COURSE, curiosity got the best of me (I suppose that makes me part CAT, eh? LOL!) and I had to check this person out for myself! LOL! WHOA DUDE! Uh, huh ... that is right ... "Scrubbie" is indeed a GUY!!! But not just ANY guy - "Scrubbie" shares things from a male perspective naturally, but he is also a VERY talented digi-scrapper and a VERY devoted husband and father with an INCREDIBLE sense of humor in his daily shares!!! BOTTOM LINE: "Scrubbie" is a MUST-READ!!! I have already added him to the BLOGS I FOLLOW so I can keep up with his new posts! If you stop by to visit, make sure to leave him a nice SCRAPLAND hello for me, K? MWAH! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!! You KNOW it! :)

I am leaving you all today with a little something to add to your already HUGE *Fall Splendor* collection! I thought for those that are BRAND NEW to digi-scrapping and/or might just like a little help every now and then in completing some albums to share with family and/or friends, a "scrapatit" would make a nice addition. Stay-tuned as I will have a few more additions to share with you when I return from our FABULOUS family gathering!!! Keep an eye on SNOWSMOON'S DESIGN as she will be posting EXTRA goodies for y'all as well!
I will miss y'all, but will be trying to leave you with an automatic post while away as I need to share something else with you and this post is already LONG enough!!! ROFL! I know, what else is new, eh? LOL!

Have an INCREDIBLY memorable weekend everyone and I will see you on Sunday ... me thinks!!! MWAH!

Love atcha,
Linda :)

P.S. From the depths of my being, I would like to thank EVERYONE for the SWEET and LOVING comments as they TRULY do keep me inspired and motivated to CREATE! For those that have sent things to me via e-mail and or in the way of an award, I thank you VERY much and I shall catch up with when I return.

Lynnette -
if you happen to read this post darlin', I just found your e-mail in my "junk e-mails" (I just cannot understand why it is Windows Live DOES NOT know who they NEED to deliver to my inbox!!!) and I shall reply next week.


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