>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Uh, er, hmmmm .... well, EVERYTHING seems to be running slowly today, not JUST me!!! PHEW! That's a relief! I was beginning to believe that I was ready for the trash heap I tell ya, my goodness mio! I don't think a dinosaur was as slow as I've been today. I have to go and find something to do around the house while waiting for Photoshop to open, my blog music has been intermittent and now 4-Shared tells me it is going to be over half an hour for me to upload *Chance Of Rain, Part Three*!!! LOL!!! He, he ... so much for the LIGHTNING fast Internet Highway!!! I think the Bay Area commute traffic moves along faster than things are on the Internet today!!!

All kidding aside, no worries! I am just HAP, HAP, HAPPY to be here and helping in a small way to ensure the preservation of memories all through out SCRAPLAND!!!

No talkie from me today! OH MY, I can hear those sighs of disappointment!!! ROTFLMBO!!! A song comes to mind - "A little less talk and A LOT more action ..."! You can scrap and I can get back to the three collaborations I'm desperately trying to get moving along on!!! Once I've finished up my work, I'll take a day or two and work on my poor computer!

To ALL who have sent me e-mails over the past several days, I shall reply just as quickly as I am able as some of you are asking for links that seem not to be working from some time ago. I will get those links to you ASAP.

There are a few of you that have sent me QP's some time ago - would you please resend if you are up to it as with all of my computer woes this past week plus, I am LOST!!! LOL! Understatement, but I am sure you get the picture!

The more I am looking at the slideshow, I am thinking you are NOT able to add your layouts, so I will at some point in the next day or two, change that up so that you see an "ADD" button in the upper top portion to click on and then to upload your image.

I have a few more things to add to *Chance Of Rain* so you will have a Part Four and then an alpha coming! Thank you SO, SO, SOOOOOOO much for ALL of your WONDERFUL comments, I am overjoyed that y'all are liking a *Chance Of Rain*!!! We are due for two or three days of it starting on Halloween day! We need it badly so I am excited amd Robert and I LOVE the rain! I will explain why another post! He, he ...

ENJOY y'all, SCRAP HAPPY and if you've not done so already, get those BREAST IMAGING REQUISITIONS from your doctor and/or clinic!!! I have my requisition, just need to schedule an appointment! *wink*


Love y'all,
Linda :)

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