>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

G'day everyone!!! Hope you are finding a BEAUTIFUL start to a MOST glorious weekend!

I am OVERWHELMED with your SWEET and HUMOROUS comments!!! You have this girl smilin' BIG!!! Thank you SO much and I am SO happy that you are enjoying the weather here in SCRAPLAND where it SHOWERS goodies 24/7!!! Oh my, can you imagine what it would look like if the SKIES in SCRAPLAND were to ever CLEAR UP!!! LOL! We'd be singing, "I Wish It Would Rain Down" ... NOW!!! ROFL!

I told you that I would be back to post a few photos of Kaleb, Grandma's "Little Man", however, I needed to switch gears last night and decided to scrap one instead! Yes, I DID have the opportunity to speak with both my mother and my baby brother. (Thank you for the LOVELY birthday wishes for each of them!) Guess who I talked with the longest??? Uh, huh - my li'l bro!!! OMGosh - and y'all think I can talk a good one!!! I come by it honestly as it's just GOT to be in our DNA!!! LOL!

I spoke with Mama for about twenty minutes (I called her at around 9:40 pm PST) as most of my siblings were gathered together, along with several grandchildren, to celebrate!!! They hadn't been together long as everyone works and Mama had slipped off into the other room to chat with me for a bit before rejoining the festivities!!! She sounded SO good! Hard to believe she is 81!

So, after saying "good-bye" to Mama, I phoned my little brother who lives in San Antonio, Texas, which puts him two hours ahead of me. OMGosh!!! I am just sitting here thinking that it was after midnight when I called!!! I NEVER call anyone after nine as a rule! LOL! Now I really know we come from a family of night owls as I asked him if the timing was okay and he said it was just fine!!! ROFL! Anyhoo, little brother won out on the time as we talked for three hours!!! After the first time Robert ever heard me on the phone with Tom, he nicknamed him "Two-Hour Tom"!!!

Vicki love, you KNOW what I'm talking about, now don't you??? LOL! It was just one week ago that Vicki and I chatted away for THREE HOURS on Skype!!! (We shall have to schedule another one soon as I'm already missing your voice and the laughter) I HIGHLY recommend this FREE PC-to-PC chat program to EVERYONE all around the world. I used to Skype my mother EVERY day when she was living in Hawai'i and before I had an AWESOME plan on my landline that allows me to call anywhere in the US for under $20/month - unlimited! SKYPE is the ONLY software that "I" have found to be "crystal clear" without any hissing and/or echoes. It TRULY sounds as though the other person is right in the same room with you. Considering the fact that Vicki and I are an ocean apart, that speaks "volumes" to me :) My BFF, Dawn, and I use Skype as well when we are wishing to be "hands free" and to share things or to work together on the computer. If you've not already experienced it firsthand, you must at least give it a go as I can just about guarantee you'll LOVE it! *big grin*

Well, I'd better be off - need to get busy on my collaboration designs and shall see you LOVELIES again tomorrow I hope! Meanwhile .... ENJOY the SHOWERING of LOVE and GOODIES here in SCRAPLAND!!!

Oh, oh, oooohhhhhh!!! I nearly forgot! I have added a NEW "freebie" listing site on my sidebar - Digital Scrapbook Faves. Check them out as they have a pretty cool setup and they even have a "wall of fame"!!!


Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. Have you guessed who my collaboration is with yet???

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