>> Thursday, October 23, 2008

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I have FINALLY made it back to the WEATHER STATION to UPDATE you further on what's on the horizon weather-wise here at BSD in our FAVORITE Internet place called SCRAPLAND!!! Why y'all ... I do believe I am feeling a FEW sprinkles - how about you??? Open your eyes and LOOK closely! Now, open up your hard drives and CATCH the SPRINKLINGS of *CHANCE OF RAIN, PART TWO*!!!

I am slowly recovering from my time down taking care of my computer and THOROUGHLY enjoyed taking my time today working on some new things for PART TWO!!! I am EMBARRASSED to even mention HOW long I spent on getting the look I wanted on the cloud and sun duo!!! They are made using AC's action PUFFY FELT, but I was not HAPPY with a SOFT, WHITE and SMOOTH cloud! I mean, really now, how could one feel the nearness of rain without some GRAY in the clouds??? ROFL! Robert didn't think my cloud looks CIRRUS (play on words) enough and should be DARKER in places. I sweetly retorted, "next kit honey, when it's gonna be pouring down rain"!!! He, he ...

Okay, I'm a bit pressed for time as I have GOT to call my mama and my baby brother to wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today ... before it's over!!! I contemplated calling this morning, but I know my brother is usually BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and my mama wakes late as she is normally a night owl! Anyhoo, I'll have to share about the TWO birthdays being on the same date when I FINALLY get around to sharing with you about being reunited with my birth mother!!!

WOW!!! I REALLY do have LOTS to share and I just cannot get it all in one post so I shall share more tomorrow when SCRAPLAND'S weather report calls for yet MORE sprinklings!!! LOL!

Once the rains go away, things are going to get rather FESTIVE here in SCRAPLAND as I am working on a MOST exciting collaboration with somebody VERY, VERY special and NEAR and DEAR to my heart!!! I am SIMPLY delighted, MOST honored and I shall finish my work in progress this weekend at which time I shall announce it's RELEASE date!!! WOO HOO!!!

I wish to thank you ALL once again for your TECH shares with me yesterday!!! GREATLY appreciated. I would like to clarify though that my troubles began when I STOPPED using McAfee. I've had McAfee's basic virus protection (my tech advises STRONGLY against the suites and my ISP also recommends AVG) for over three years and have NEVER, EVER, NEVER had spyware, a virus or any other such woes as I've been experiencing since purchasing Bit Defender. I even went a week without being protected due to some error on their part. Believe it or not, they were rated NUMBER ONE on the TOP TEN recommended virus programs by the pros!!! ACK!

Anyhoo, I still need to run a few more scans and have the spyware removed as well as running a defrag of my system. That is another feature that McAfee took care of for me on a regularly scheduled basis. For some reason I've never been able to get the scheduler to work in Windows!!! Hmmm ... go figure! SOMEDAY ... SOME-DAAAAAAY ... I wish to own a MAC!!! NO MORE COMPUTER WOES!!!

Night everyone!!! Sending you LOVE, HUGS and WISHES for a FABULOUS rest of the week! I will try to post photos of Grandma's LITTLE MAN tomorrow!!!


Linda :)

OHHHHH ... almost forgot to mention ... I've included the raindrops in a separate file. For those new to digi-scrapping and if your program allows you to do so, you can select, copy and paste from the original file to add MORE drops as I've done in my preview. I was not going to, but have included one file that is the cloud, sun and raindrops together, and another of just the cloud/sun duo. In the next installment or two, I shall include the cloud and the sun in separate files as well as one of the PURE WHITE PUFFY cloud!!! Just in case you aren't looking for rain!!! ROFL! Okay, now, I need to get my self in gear and figure out where to find that code again so that I can add a slideshow for y'all to ADD your OWN layouts to!!! GOSH, GOLLY GEE, I surely am missing them A LOT!

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