>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

Evenin' all!

I'm still a BUSY, BUSY little beaver over here at Bon Scrapatit Designs tucked away in a smallish corner of SCRAPLAND! Thought I'd peek my head in and leave you a little goody that just HAPPENED along last night!!!

You would think, by the looks of this layout and the photo, that my inspiration for *Chance Of Rain* may have come from IT! Believe it or not, it did NOT! I had completely forgotten about these photos until I went searching for a photo I remembered taking on our property some time ago of the blue sky with clouds that gave the impression they wanted to sprinkle a wee bit of moisture upon us, however, were unable to squeeze even a drop out!!!

Anyhoo, this photo is the eldest of my twin boys, Luke, taken in Portland, Oregon during our stay in Vancouver, Washington with my daughter Joan and her new husband, Travis, last Christmas. The kids took us to downtown Portland to enjoy the Christmas lights, festivities and a hot cup of "our choice" from Starbucks!!! What a perfect combination for this chilly evening that produced some drizzles here and there! Enough so that we took our umbrellas!

We had a WONDERFUL time and everyone posed with a statute of a man holding an umbrella! I will have to scrap him at a later time, as I captured a few really CUTE ones! I thought THIS particular photo, however, to be a FABULOUS portrayal of my current blog theme song, "Singing In The Rain" by Gene Kelly! This photo really brings out Luke's happy-go-lucky, I am what I am, this is ME and I don't care what other's think, self-assured side of his personality!!! So TOTALLY opposite of who I was at his age! I TRULY admire the confidence Luke has in himself and he has a MOST determined spirit and is working VERY hard at building his future. *sigh* Does a Mama proud! *big smile*

You will note a BONA FIDE "word cloud"!!! This is one of the reasons why I will usually break from designing a kit and scrap a layout or two as I normally will find a few things that I might consider useful in scrapping with it!!! I originally had wished to place the cloud "above" Luke's head, but it did not look right with the twisted string, so I placed it lower on the page. It's a STICKER and it STUCK there!!! ROFL!

I also could not help notice that Luke's blue jeans look to be PARTLY CLOUDY, don't you think? He, he ... LOL! I know, I know - details, details!!! :)

Hope you are enjoying your week. I shall have some BIG news for you over the weekend, but need to scoot for now as guess what??? It IS raining in Copperopolis!!! WOO HOO!!! We have needed it so badly and it looks like we might have rain for about five days!!! YAY!!! And who says something positive can't come from one's CLOUDY thoughts and/or designs!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, YAHOOOOO!!! If you haven't noticed, I LOVE the rain and find it to be SUNNY no matter! Well, MOST of the time .... I have my moments just like everyone else but they change just as QUICKLY as the weather!!! *big chuckle*

Okay, enough from me ... I shall entertain you a bit in the next post which will be directly below this one, of course, but I will post it immediately as I wish for you to see the last scene of Gene Kelly singing in the rain and watch what he does as he turns back around to look at the police officer - then look at Luke in his photo! A striking resemblance, don't you think??? *giggle, giggle*


Love atcha,
Linda :)

P.S. Ohhhhhhh - my "virtual" daughter, Sarah Laming aka Sassy Scrappin' aka Designs by Sassy has a NATUALLY rockin' new grab bag reveal for personal use!!! It's GORGEOUS and the price IS right! Check it out HERE and tell her that her VM sent you!!!

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