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A familiar tune to MANY of us, eh? The opening lyrics to the song, "Traces of Love" by the Classics IV!!! I just found the tune rambling around in my head and realized that the "faded photographs" that some of us have in our possession are, INDEED, "covered now with lines and creases" - BOTH of which we have invested a great deal of time in trying our darndest to doctor up so they look like they were just taken yesterday!!! Come on, you know what I'm talking about!!! ROFL!

And, just what is my point you ask? Well, seems the tides are turning once again and it is NOW fashionable to scrap those "older" photographs just as they are!!! I have been in AWE as I've been out and about in SCRAPLAND to find some of the NEWER photo actions that are actually allowing us to "age" our photographs and, why just yesterday, I bought some VERY cool overlays from SOMETHING BLUE STUDIOS that you can use to "add" lines and creases to your papers and/or photographs!!! What a hoot, eh? LOL! Gotta LOVE the trendsetters!!! We can either take something "old" and make it look "new" or vice-versa, take something "new" and make it appear to be "old"!!! AMAZING isn't it?

Okay, just a few silly thoughts going through my head tonight! It's been a CRAZY day with a bit of this and a bit of that and not much to show for it!!! Know what I mean? People needs, animal needs, phone calls and then you know we just HAVE to get up and fix ourselves something to eat in the midst of our work, right??? LOL! I tell you, I have to about force myself to eat sometimes as I'll get to going on something (not always computer related either!) and not wish to stop until I've finished or reached a place of personal satisfaction in whatever project I have going! Any of you relate to this at all??? LOL!!! Uh, huh ... I see those eyes lighting up with, "WOW", I am not the ONLY one who does this!!! Okay, come on now .... somebody out there better be with me on this or I'm in BIG trouble!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

Guess what TODAY is??? Remember my daughter, Joan? The one who was just married in August and I created the *Summer Wedding* blog series for? TODAY is Joan's "29th" birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!! Guess what happens NEXT year this time??? WOO HOO - the BIG "3-0"!!!

Okay, please DON'T laugh now!!! From this sentence on, I am writing about today!!! The prior writings are from LATE last night into the wee hours of the morning after I left to visit my daughter's MY SPACE to leave her the FIRST "Happy Birthday" message and spent nearly two hours catching up with my children, other family members and their friends!!! ROFL! OMGosh - NOW I KNOW why I don't check "my" space very often!!! I'd NEVER get anything accomplished and I certainly did not get your FREEBIE posted now did I??? LOL!

I have SO much to share and I have some "thank-you's" to deliver for yet MORE awards. I'm telling you, I feel so awful. Have you noticed that I've not yet posted ANY awards on my blog??? I feel guilty for doing so until I've gone back through and acknowledged those that have gifted me with them. I do apologize and I will try to get some of them posted ASAP!

Gosh, I have SO much to tell y'all and it's just going to have to come in bits and pieces, just like the "memories" in the song, "Traces of Love"!!! He, he .... I know, I know, I'm BAD! But y'all know I LOVE YOU, right? Uh, huh, YEPPERS, I surely do!

I'm kicking myself right now as I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see some layouts from y'all from *It's Falling* and *Fall Splendor* but then I ONLY have myself to blame, right??? NO SLIDESHOW up yet! Okay, looking at the BRIGHT side of this neglect, y'all have LONGER to scrap some layouts to share!!! You can even use the "scrapatits"! WOO HOO!!! We are both off the hook now, eh? Okay, YOU are, I'm not!!! I will work on that tomorrow, God willing!

Before I forget, a couple of you LOVELY ladies have sent me QP's (known here at Bon Scrapatit Designs as "scrapatits") and I will address those ASAP.

I have a layout share from my VERY sweet and dear friend Barb Derksen aka Olivia Dorazio from Sophia Sarducci's!!! Barb has used my portion of *Fall Splendor* to preserve some BEAUTIFUL photos of her GORGEOUS grand-nieces, Jordana and Madison!!! Don't you just LOVE the RED HAIR??? And those SWEET faces??? OMGosh ... we definitely need some girls added to OUR family!!! LOL!

I LOVE how Barb has worked the different colored foliage up and around the CIRCULAR matte and then FRAMED these ADORABLE young ladies with the SHEER RIBBON and RIBBON-THREADED EYELETS!!! AWESOME layout Barb and I thank you SO very much for sharing with us!

Barb is in the process of canning tomatoes this week. She has canned jam, peaches and other goodies as well as harvesting some Alfalfa Sprouts. Not ONLY does Barb DO this, she is SO good about sharing photos and EVEN "how-to's". Check her blog out HERE! While you are there, you will also find some FREEBIES posted. Barb's GOLDEN GUILDED LEAVES OVERLAY is GORGEOUS! Thank you again Barb for your continual GENEROSITY and for ALL that you do for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!! You ROCK girl!

If any of you would like me to showcase your layouts here on my blog, please e-mail them to me at the e-mail address listed on my sidebar. I just LOVE seeing how CREATIVE y'all can get!!!

Anyhoo, enough reading for y'all tonight and on to *Fall Splendor, Scrapatit #3*, which I made using pieces from my contribution as well as some LOVELY sunflowers, a ribbon wrap and a paper for the yellow-gold frame from my BFF's (Snowsmoon's Design) contribution. Make sure to check out Dawn's blog as well as she will also be adding MORE goodies to the *Fall Splendor* collection!!! If you've not been over there in the past day or two, she has a BEAUTIFUL scraplet up for grabs!!! I am using it to add to my "Meeting Riley" scraps!!! THANK YOU GIRLFRIEND!!! Make sure to leave her some LOVIN' if you download as well as Barb!

Oh, I did wish to mention that I sort of took my time in coming to the computer today. I DECORATED!!! YAY!!! FALL is OUR favorite time of the year and Robert just LOVES it when the FALL decor is up! Lots of SUNFLOWERS, a variety of PUMPKINS, GLITTERY FOLIAGE (YES, I REALLY do LOVE glitter - LOL!), decorated frames, wreaths, candles and such!!! In fact, Robert is out watching television right now with the coffee table centerpiece candle burning!!! He is SO sweet and SO easy to please! I am SO blessed. Funny thing is, he told me that if I didn't decorate, he WOULD!!! LOL! What a guy!

See y'all tomorrow ....


Linda :)

P.S. Do you like the "epoxy" alpha I used for the title on my first layout??? If so, reply HERE on my blog and if I have enough interested, I shall finish it up and post it for you tomorrow!

Riley man with his daddy, Joshua and his mommy, Tiffany!
Isn't him SO precious!!! He is a mini-Josh with his mommy's
blonde hair and blue eyes! SOOOO sweet!

My DARLING Robert holding his DARLING grandson!
Don't they look as though they've known each other prior
to this FIRST meeting? Li'l lamby, he is REALLY comfy
with me AND my camera upon leaving the restaurant!


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proper working order!!! Have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!

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