>> Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why, YES, I do have an alpha for you tonight, but I also have have a new toy on my sidebar which NO one has used yet, except for my BFF, Ms. Dawn of Snowsmoon's Design!!! And what exactly am I referring to???

If you travel on over to the LEFT, scroll down just a WEE bit, right beneath my e-mail address I believe, you will find my Yahoo Pingbox!!! What's a PINGBOX you ask? Until LATE last night, I would not have been able to tell you!!! ROFL!

When I rebooted my computer and my Yahoo Messenger opened, there awaiting me was a message that I was now considered a Yahoo Messenger Power User!!! Uhm, er ... could that possibly mean that I really DO talk entirely TOO much??? He, he ... OMGosh, uh, YEAH! Shucks, all of my rambling on Yahoo has earned me a "crown" to wear beside my avatar!!! LOL! FANCY THAT!!!

Has anyone else here in SCRAPLAND or beyond received that same message recently??? I am just SURE there has to be several of you, right? Ah, come on now, FESS UP - PLEASE don't make me feel ALL alone! Somebody out there can RAMBLE on MORE than me ... can't you??? HELP me here! TEE, HEE, HEE, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Okay, anyhoo, this NEW Yahoo Pingbox is going to be REALLY cool for those of us who like to get up close and personal with our readers and our customers. WHY? Well, I am looking at it like this - GREAT customer service at your fingertips, literally! If you go to the Pingbox with a question and you see the little YELLOW light on beside my name, that means that I am MOST likely sitting RIGHT HERE and if you type in a nickname (you can either use your real name or your screen name) and then type a message in the box, I will see a pop up in the lower-right portion of my screen that shows what you have typed. It will then open up a larger window (just like an IM window) so that I can start chatting with you LIVE! How cool is that??? Oh, and it is completely private and the only ones to see what is typed is YOU and ME! You don't have to have a Yahoo account to use it either - ANYONE can contact me!

I get comments left sometimes that I try to answer in the comment section, but I don't know whether the person who has left it will come back to see if I've answered. If there is no URL or e-mail address left, I am out of luck trying to contact you. With the Pingbox, you can leave me a message letting me know I've BOOFED and left something out of a zip file or that the link is not active or not working. OR, if you have a question about something, I can answer you right "on the spot"! It works equally well from both sides I believe! I would LOVE to get some feedback on this and what y'all think about it. PLEASE give it a go. It will really be a HUGE help to me in whether it is worth keeping. I tend to believe it will surpass the CBOX!

OH, and it also gives me a POP UP every time someone visits my blog and then when they leave. It keeps track by number, so it is also a GOOD way to keep track of your daily traffic. There is a place in your Yahoo Messenger where it will show you several visitors (by number) that are "on" your blog. The only information given you is the time the visitor arrives and the time that they leave. SO, as far as a marketing tool, it gives you an idea of how long people are hanging around. I have something FUNNY to share about that - a couple of hours ago after I had attended Osten Wilkin's EMBELLISH IT chat, I was explaining to my DARLING Robert how the Pingbox worked and when I was reading the visitor numbers in my Yahoo Messenger along with the time of arrival and departure, I noticed that all of the newer visitors were in the 600's and there was ONE listed that was in the 400's, so I thought to myself, who could that be that has spent HOURS and HOURS on my blog??? ANY guesses??? YUP, it would be ME!!! When you log on to your OWN blog and you have a Yahoo Pingbox, you are also counted as a visitor!!! YES, I got a GOOD chuckle out of that - OHHHHH, why that is ME that has been on my blog for HOURS and HOURS!!!
He, he ...

Okay, on to the goody! Tonight's addition to the FABULOUS *Fall Splendor* Blog Party IS an EPOXY ALPHA which includes a complete lower-case alpha, numerals 0-9 and some extras!

We ALL know what tomorrow is, right??? Uh, huh ... It is FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY here at Bon Scrapatit Designs!!!

Night all, SWEET DREAMS and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for leaving such uplifting comments!!! I just LOVE reading what y'all have to share or think about something I've posted or given out!!! Y'all make me feel SO loved!!! MWAH!

Linda :)


The time is 12:05 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! SCRAP HAPPY y'all!!!

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