>> Monday, October 27, 2008

No need for an umbrella in this DOWNPOUR!!! But you'd better clear out your hard drives and make room for some AWESOME scrapping materials!

Short post as I am WAY past my bedtime (I should be just about ready to get up in fact!!!) and it has been a rather assorted day starting out with a FABULOUS 4-hour Skype chat with the LOVELY Vicki Parker! Yes, and Vicki, Robert has nicknamed you "4-hour Vicki"!!! LOL!!!

Speaking of Vicki, she, Mel AND Charlie have DEBUTED their first collaboration as a trio a bit earlier. The title is *Putting on the Glitz* and it is BEAUTIFUL ... OF COURSE! Make sure to visit ALL three ladie's blogs to collect ALL of the pieces over the next several days! You can start with Vicki's blog HERE and then link to the others from there! ENJOY and PLEASE make sure to leave EACH one some LOVIN' for their generosity in sharing with ALL of us here in SCRAPLAND! Thank you!

One more MUST-HAVE is HERE at Snowsmoon's Design! My BFF, Dawn, has a MOST gorgeous blog series going on named, *Fading Summer*! You will LOVE it! Make sure to check back often so as not to miss out on any of the installments!!! And, PLEASE leave Ms. Dawn some LOVIN' too! BEAUTIFULLY done girlfriend!!!

Have I told you lately HOW much y'all ROCK??? AND ... then SOME!!! MWAH!

My GOODY for you today is *Chance Of Rain, Scrapatit #2*, which I have used to scrap one of Joan's wedding photos from this past August. It is of my daughters and I as all of us girls are getting ready! I am being just a wee bit coy with Rebecca's (Rebecca MacLachlan Photography) camera as I am the ONLY one who had not had her makeup applied yet!!! April, my oldest daughter and firstborn to my right, did my makeup for me. It was like OLD times as she has always had a "natural" nack for doing hair and makeup as long as I can remember!!!

HELLO Pattyanne and Martie!!! Long time NO see! Pattyanne, I read your e-mail and shall try to reply sometime later today. SOOOO good to hear from you and Martie, you too girlfriend. I shall jot you a note as well. Thank you for visiting. Thank you ALL for visiting and I'll catch you on the FLIP-FLOP!!! He, he ...

Have an INCREDIBLY beautiful week everyone, thank you for visiting Bon Scrapatit Designs and thank you for ALL of your LOVELY, LOVELY comments!!!

Linda :)

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