>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

And what does it mean when it RAINS in SCRAPLAND y'all??? Why, it means MORE time for scrapping!!! WOO HOO!!!

Hope to find you all winding down from your weekend, relaxed and ready to take on whatever the NEW week ahead has in store!

My finger is coming along nicely and I am glad that I did not PUSH myself, lest I still not be able to carry on as I wish to! Thank you EVER so much for your LOVELY comments and to those of you sharing your "kitty" bite stories. While I have not been bit, I do know that kitty claws are VERY dirty, even on an indoor cat, and that is why I immediately head to the bathroom and literally POUR peroxide over my wounds! After that I bathe it with cotton balls saturated in peroxide and then dab on some antibiotic ointment!!! Can't have enough of a good thing now can I??? LOL!

I still have a VERY tender area on the upper-portion of my right index finger, however, I have no areas that have ever been swollen or the least bit red in color which might indicate infection. YAY!!!

I've just stopped in to let you know that there will be a *CHANCE OF RAIN* this week in Bon Scrapatit Design's portion of SCRAPLAND! Yes, I shall be back later on for the DEBUT of my new FREE blog series for y'all!!!

You know, it does NOT matter where in the world and/or scrapland that we live, there is ALWAYS at one time or another, *CHANCE OF RAIN*!!!

After while crocodiles ...

Love atcha,
Linda :)

P.S. Oh, and I shall have to remind myself to share with y'all about my FOUR-WAY today and I am not referring to a STOP!!! He, he ... HINT, HINT: I've been about SCRAPLAND today!!!

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