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Hi y'all! Just stopping in to let you know why it's been SO quiet here at Bon Scrapatit Designs the past two days; i.e., NO ME on the Pingbox!!! Some of you may have caught my last TWEET on TWITTER, but those who have not, I had an appointment at the clinic first thing yesterday morning. I'm due for a refill on my Armour Thyroid and because we have a "new" doctor, he needed to see me personally before refilling my prescription. Anyhoo, I was QUITE impressed with Dr. Nguyen (pronounced "win"). Stephanie, the PA is no longer on board - a whole new crew with the exception of Ms. Tanya, the RN who is the only recognizable face amongst the crowd! My temp was 97.2 (low and typical of hypothyroid, does this NOT tell you something?), BP was 116/74. YAY!

I have always had good blood pressure and even after the "whirlwind" of a car ride with my oldest son who came to pick me up, I am NOT hypertensive!!! LOL! It was rather humorous as we were accelerating "down" the hill and about to take on the the sharpest corner of our wee journey, when I calmly spoke these words to my son, "You know son, it would really be nice if I am able get a GOOD blood pressure reading at the clinic this morning!" He cracked a little smile on his face and told me that he'd just been thinking the same thing before I mentioned it! Actually, it tells me a great deal about myself in that stress does not bother my blood pressure, nope, just wreaks havoc on my digestive tract! LOL!

So, on with the reason I have NOT been "live". I am A-"live", just NOT "live" on my Pingbox!!! Why, oh, why you are wondering. Well, after two failed attempts at the clinic to draw my blood for a thyroid panel, and barely filling half the vial on the third, I came home to give blood via a "spooked" cat not once, but TWICE within an hour! Zeke drew all the blood the clinic would have needed without giving it a thought or searching for a healthy looking vein!! LOL! Needless to say, I bathed my hand both times in peroxide and EEEE-OUCHIE, it stung REALLY bad the second time around! EEEEEKS!
We are not sure ... well, how about we are TOTALLY clueless as to what makes our Zeke FREAK at any given moment. Something spooked him and I was trying to comfort him, reached down to pick him up and he FREAKED and I got his claws. Somehow, doesn't seem to be a "fair" trade-off, eh? He, he ...

John, my youngest, was here when ALL the drama occurred and he told me that I should NOT bother with Zeke when he gets "sketchy" like this. I replied that I agreed and that I've learned the hard way to say the least to leave well enough alone!

I wasn't even upset with Zeke as I really wish to know what has traumatized him so much that he gets this way. Oh well, I shall inquire at the vet when I take him to get neutered.
My hand still hurts and I had to bandage my right index finger after the second go-round in which I was holding Zeke while in a squat position, lost my balance a wee bit and my knee bumped against our bedroom door. Zeke just "lost it" and went flying out of my hands leaving me with an instant spurt of blood. Where is the vial when you need it??? ROTFLMBO!!!

I had come back in to the computer to work on the kit I am revamping and was dripping blood on my mouse pad so I figured this LOVELY wound warranted a bandage!!!
So y'all, here I sit wounded and wondering!!! Wounded yes, but REALLY wondering what is spooking my poor kitty so. I am simply hoping and praying that I NOT contract "cat scratch fever", which my number two son dealt with a few years ago. Ironic it is as he is the ONE who gifted me with my Zekey boy! ROFL ... it's ALL good!

Hope everyone has had a GRAND day today and I shall be back to visit with you later tonight, God willing, with a little goodie! I have a list of things to look into for a few of you that have inquired via the Pingbox and I shall work on those as well. I apologize for the delay and will feel much better when I am able to "scratch" them off of my to-do list!!! He, he ...

I spent into the WEE hours of this morning scrapping some ADORABLE photos of my Zeke boy from two months ago when I found him to be VERY curious about the vase of Hawaiian flowers I had set atop the console table at the foot of our bed. He wanted SO badly to taste of the water in that vase!!! It was GREAT therapy and I scrapped until I was tired enough to go to sleep ... uhm ... let's see, it was sometime after 4:00 am PST!!!

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Hope to catch you all later tonight. Scrap HAPPY everyone and ENJOY the rest of this GORGEOUS week. I shall also hope to catch y'all up to speed on the results of my blood work ... let's just say I've been shedding tears of joy throughout the day since hearing back from dear Dr. Nguyen! A doctor, FINALLY, who GETS IT!!!

EEEEKS!!! I nearly forgot. I wish to let you all know about a MOST fabulous GRAB BAG (NEAT, NEAT stuff) and an AMAZING new action for PSE (this is for ALPHAS) from the INCREDIBLY talented Brandy Oneal aka Mega Doodle Inspired!!! Not to mention TONS of FREEBIES from her FABULOUS "test team"!!! Please check her blog HERE for details and I'd LOVE to invite you all to join in with me as I attend one of her CHATS at Scrappin Freestyle for my VERY first time!!! I always seem to be a DAY late, DOLLAR short and THE LAST to know, but somehow managed to see this newsletter BEFORE it is TOO late!! WOO HOO!!! Here is the DIRECT LINK to SCRAPPIN FREESTYLE and even one to the CHATROOM! Hope to see y'all there! Okay, SOME of you! A girl can dream, can't she??? LOL! Anyhoo, CHAT time is at 10:00 pm EST and you DO NOT have to be a registered member to enter the CHATROOM! Just log in with the name of your choice. Brandy will, no doubt, have some AWESOME things to share with us and, of course, some GOODIES too!

I LOVE you all SO much - you ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

Until later ...

Baci e abbracci,
Linda :)

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