>> Monday, October 13, 2008

ROFL! OMGosh y'all - I am SO hooked on this NEW wonder referred to as the Yahoo Pingbox!!! It is doing EXACTLY what I had hoped it would do in making for MUCH better communication here at Bon Scrapatit Designs!

Speaking of communication, I had the MOST fabulous THREE-HOUR chat with the INCREDIBLE Ms. Vicki Parker aka A Work In Progress on SKYPE (free software download, free PC-to-PC calling and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR! I've tried many and this is the only one I will use.) yesterday afternoon! I have to agree with her whole-heartedly in that even though we are FAR apart geographically, we are VERY close in heart! I feel as though I've known Vicki FOREVER! It was SO very cool as I was able to hear an English phone ring (just like in the movies!) and I heard Pompey barking - he's SO sweet! My goodness, we just chatted on and on and on about our breed of dogs, our families, friends, homes and neighborhoods, shopping malls, traveling across the USA ... LIFE!

Anyhoo, back to the Pingbox - last night I had three guests at once and MANY of my close friends know that I am meant to be challenged (or is it that I AM challenged? He, he ...) and it was QUITE fun toggling back and forth between three windows!!! I had a LOVELY chat with my LONG time blog visitor and DEAR friend, Ms. Nancy P in CT, the LOVELY Teri Mayo who does GORGEOUS CT work, a digi-sister from the Philippines and dear Lysiane who inquired about two of my *It's Falling* links that have gone awry! I'm telling you everyone, this is a FABULOUS customer service tool! Not to mention an INCREDIBLE way to get to know BEAUTIFUL digi-scrappers ALL around the world!

I've only found a couple of "bugs" that I think should be eradicated! One is that we are only allotted a certain amount of time to chat before it closes the current window down and YOU have to start a new one if you wish to continue chatting. No big deal really, just a minor inconvenience. The other "bug" that I've JUST found in trying to go back through my visitors is that none of the conversations appear to have actually been saved via Notepad!!! EEEEKS! And two of them I need to get back to with information. It is a GOOD thing I know where to find Teri and that I added Tami's e-mail address to the file name!!! He, he ... on occasion, I surprise myself by thinking a step ahead!!! LOL! KEY WORDS: "on occasion"!!! HA, HA ...

Tonight I am posting early. I have a SWEET little SCRAPATIT for you made from my pieces of the TREASURES TO SCRAP October 2008 TREASURE CHEST! I am REALLY liking the LAVENDER more and more and I hope that you are too! This LOVELY collaboration of multi-talented designers is ONLY $5.99 throughout the month of October! Head on over and take a PEEK at ALL of the GOODIES in this land of TREASURES!!!

I had a few things planned to share, but will have to wait until tomorrow as I am being called to dinner and I've got to get to work right after dinner on a VERY special project!!! Details to be revealed at a later date! He, he ... I just LOVE the element of SURPRISE, don't y'all???

Ms. Vicki has her new kit for this week up and it's a BEAUTY, as ALWAYS!!! *Sweet Dreams* is ALL that it implies! See it HERE! You must check out what Allie does with scrapkits - WOWSERS!!! I am in AWE!!! Check her out HERE! I've also added her to the BLOGS I FOLLOW! My TEACHER and MENTOR, Irene O'Neill has an INCREDIBLY beautiful THANKSGIVING/FALL overlay on her blog - grab it HERE! And, of course, y'all know to leave these LOVLEY ladies some lovin' for their hard work and generosity!!!

OOOOPS!!! Had to leave for dinner and just before that I spoke with the LOVELY Ms. Rusty who stopped in for a Pingbox chat! Thank you Rusty - it was SO nice to hear from you! Oh, and Ms. Tami too!!! That reminds me, I've got to hunt something down for you Tami!!! Good thing I keep notes, but then it also helps to LOOK at the notebook from time-to-time, eh? ROFL!

I spoke with my BFF, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon's Design on the phone earlier and just finished IM-ing with the BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED Barb Derksen aka Mrs. Miles aka Olivia Dorazio!!! Do y'all EVER get the idea that THIS GIRL can talk??? NAH, just a figment of your imaginations!!! Tee, hee, hee ... *chuckle, chuckle*

Night all ... see you in the morrow and REMEMBER: It IS Scrap Happy Hour 24/7 here in Scrapland, eh? You bet your sweet bippy it is!!!

Oh, and don't be shy y'all ... go ahead ... PING ME!!! I think they need to change that YELLOW light to a GREEN one! After all, we are all accustomed to traffic lights and the meaning of a YELLOW light is??? Slow down, proceed with caution! And GREEN means??? GO FOR IT!!! He, he ...


Love atcha,
Linda :)

P.S. YAY!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I finally took a few minutes and figured out how to post my images FULL-SIZE!!! I like it this way SO much better as you can see SO much more detail and not everyone knows to click on the smaller images to get to the FULL-SIZE!

Our THREE grandsons (cousins) participating in some "creative observation" aka peering
the storm door and watching the kitties playing in the front yard on a BEAUTIFUL fall day.
I was undecided as to whether I wished to journal this as "creative observation" or
multiplied" and did not wish to do a RUSH job, so I shall await my decision and then
go back
and fill in the blanks!!! I have TONS of pages to do, so I don't wish to put names
on all that I do
as it will not look as personalized. I will also include several pages with no
whatsoever, so if I post a few in that manner, you will understand why!!!


The time is 11:20 pm PST - link has been tested and is in proper working order!
HAPPY, HAPPY everyone!!!

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