>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OMGosh y'all! I have been biting at the bit to get in here at update you on what's been going on ... uhm, er ... hmmmm .... or should I say, what's NOT been going on!!!

I am sure for ANY of you who have been checking my Pingbox, you SURELY don't think I've been sleeping for the past two days - DO you??? ROFL!

I have been having one little difficulty after the other with my computer and finally stripped the baby down today, cleaned her out, ran some scans and will need to re-run a spyware scan in the morning as I was going NUTS not being able to do ANY designing for TWO days and just HAD to work on some tonight!!! I mean, really now, how's a girl supposed to survive without being creative, eh? *chuckle, chuckle* Actually, I had to shut the scan down mid-stream as I needed to reboot after some updates, at which point AdAware had already detected 33 spyware infections - YAK!!!

Come virus program renewal time, I am going back to McAfee I do believe as even though Bit Defender was rated on TOP, it obviously is NOT catching all of the Spyware. I did make one adjustment and that was to set Bit Defender to "aggresive" scanning which includes Scan Web HTTP Traffic. I am hoping this will do the trick!

Well, I just had to stop in to let you know WHY I've not returned and WHY my Pingbox has not opened up! In fact, I was not able to even log onto Yahoo when I last tried opening it up after having rebooted my system. At one point, and this was while running the AdAware scan, I could not even get Photoshop to open! I shall not elaborate!!! He, he ....

Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers, cross your fingers and your toes that when I arise in the morning, ALL shall be well in this little corner of SCRAPLAND!!! I am asking Santa for a NEW computer, but it might not reach Copperopolis from the North Pole until sometime AFTER the first of the NEW year!!! ROTFLMBO!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAA! WAAAA! Oh, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEASE dear Santa .... I've REALLY been a VERY good girl this year and I just have to keep on creating for ALL of my LOVELIES in SCRAPLAND!!! LOL!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all SO very much for the AWESOME reception of *CHANCE OF RAIN*! I am SO happy that you like it, but remember, there is ONLY a "chance" of rain ... :)

Can anyone predict the forecast for tomorrow morning her at Bon Scrapatit Designs??? He, he ... see you soon - God willing!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone! MWAH!

Linda :)

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