>> Monday, September 8, 2008

Greetings DEAREST ones! I shall be brief as I have ached from head-to-toe ALL day long and I'm already into tomorrow and I'm still tender even after finally breaking down and taking Ibuprofen! No worries. I shall be fine!!!

After watching Mystery Diagnosis a few nights ago with Robert, I have dug into Hashimoto's once again. I fit too many of the symptoms, which brings me back to what I discussed with some of you quite some time ago. I believe that I have never TRULY been properly treated for my Hypothyroidism! In other words, even after being on medication for over a decade now, I have always continued to present symptoms which means, the medication is not doing what it is intended to do. Again, I am faced with doctors who go by the numbers and NOT by how I feel. The thyroid is just WAY too important in the proper functioning of our bodies.

So, sometime this week, I am off to check out my own link posted close to the bottom of my sidebar (now on the left hand side!), "Stop The Thyroid Madness" to do some more reading. I have another WONDERFUL resource in a newsletter I get periodically from Mary Shomon who is an expert and a trailblazer in helping men and women to find proper treatement for their thyroid issues. I will rustle up a link for her as well, but if any of you are interested and have never heard of Mary, you can find her at About.com.

I wish to thank those of you who have already shared your stories, feelings, memories, etc. of September 11, 2001 with us. WOW! I am VERY deeply touched and hope to see more of you posting throughout the week.

Living in a VERY small community and not having had television reception at that time of my life, I was sitting in the waiting room of our local dentist office when I overheard Linda, the receptionist talking about her children being sent home from school. Yo-y0 here thought her children's school experienced a bomb threat or something. When I questioned Linda as to what had happened, the lady sitting across from me said, "You haven't heard? Our country is under attack"! Gosh, she must have thought I'd just crawled out from beneath a rock or something! Well, I guess I sort of had! I was dumbfounded. It was all too surreal for me and especially since I had nothing visual to support the disclosure.

After my appointment, I went home and turned on the television even though I knew it would be difficult to see or understand what was being said. After the boys all arrived home from school, we spent most of the evening keeping up with the news as best we could.

The MOST difficult part for me in retrospect was listening to the surviving spouses that had cell phone conversations with their husbands/wives aboard the planes and or in the towers. There was A LOT of courage and heroism on display that day for which I am ever thankful.

Tonight's FREEBIE is, indeed, an alpha plus a few other goodies. This is NOT the alpha that MOST of you have anticipated I am sure, but not to worry, you will be getting the other one as well. This alpha, in tonight's download, was part of the original *Its's Falling* scrapkit!

Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday everyone!!!

Linda :)


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